• Police ready to secure NCR vs terrorist threats


    THE National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO) showcased on Wednesday its best practices and tactical capabilities on anti-terrorism campaign to delegates of the Department of States/ Diplomatic Security Services, a senior police official said on Friday.

    The delegates were led by William Chang, the chief of the Assessment Review and
    Evaluation of the Department of States Anti-Terrorism Assistance, NCRPO chief Director Joel Pagdilao said.

    The NCRPO chief said the Philippines is one of the 60 partners of the Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program (ATAP). The NCRPO has been a recipient of the ATAP, where the US Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service gives assistance.

    “They [ATAP] give assistance, conduct training and provide equipment to facilitate immediate and effective response against any terrorism in Metro Manila,” Pagdilao said in a statement.

    He said that the NCRPO has been persistent in conducting the ATA training and has already trained 115 police officers, who completed the different training courses given by ATAP.

    These courses include the following: Explosive Incident Countermeasure Course, Post Blast Investigation Course and Terrorist Crime Scene Investigation Course, Explosive Detection Canine Handlers Course, Explosive Detection Canine Trainers Course.

    The training also includes Veterinarian Consultation for Explosives Detection Canines, Vital Installation Course, Advanced Veterinary Consultation Course, Basic Explosive Ordnance Disposal Course, EIX X-Ray Scanner Consultation and Explosive Incident Countermeasure, the NCRPO chief said.

    Pagdilao expressed gratitude for the support of the ATAP, and assured that the NCRPO will continuously strengthen its tactical capabilities in terms of responding to ground operations through training, simulation exercises on bomb threats and other public engagement activities.

    He said in the statement that Chang appreciated the performance and vigor of the NCRPO in its anti-terrorism campaign, and looked forward to a continuous partnership in battling against terrorism.


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