Police reinstatement for sale – VACC


THE reason for the “unlimited supply” of rogue policemen in the Philippine National Police (PNP), despite efforts to weed them out, is an alleged “recycling” in the National Police Commission (Napolcom), the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) claimed on Sunday.

Dante Jimenez, founding chairman of the anti-crime advocacy group, urged Interior and Local Government Secretary Ismael Sueno to immediately act on cases against police officers at Napolcom.

The Napolcom, under Republic Act 8551, or the “PNP Reform and Reorganization Act of 1998” has authority to conduct pre-charge investigation of police anomalies and irregularities, and summary dismissal of erring police officers.

Jimenez said that while not all police officers facing cases at Napolcom should be considered rogue, the commission must expedite the resolution of cases to prevent police officers who were really involved in criminal acts from finding means to return to the police service.

The VACC head however did not provide specific cases of erring policemen who were able to return to service, but said he had received credible information that many police officers who have been involved in illegal activities were able to get back to the service.

“We called on Secretary Sueno to please look into the issue, police are being recycled by the Napolcom,” he said.

Jimenez claimed policemen who have been slapped with administrative cases were able to return to service because of the alleged “reinstatement for sale” scheme in the commission.

Police officers with pending cases are being reinstated in exchange for a fee, he claimed, providing the PNP with a “continuous supply of bad eggs.”

The VACC also said it would ask the House of Representatives and the Senate to investigate, in aid of legislation, the alleged reinstatement scheme at Napolcom.

Jimenez said PNP chief Ronald de la Rosa and Sueno were partly to blame for the existence of “undisciplined” police officers in the PNP, because of their failure to clean the rank and file.

De la Rosa and Sueno, he said, should apply the strategy of the government’s anti-drugs and anti-crime to their campaign against erring police officers.

“They should allot more attention on these so-called bad eggs. They are part of the cabinet, they are the alter ego of the President, but what are they doing? They are to be blamed,” Jimenez told The Manila Times.

The VACC earlier expressed objection to the suggestion for the PNP to temporary suspend it anti-illegal drugs campaign “Oplan Tokhang” until the organization cleans up its ranks.

Senator Grace Poe also on Sunday urged the PNP leadership to stop the “fraternity mentality” within the organization that had seemingly encouraged police officers involved in criminal activities to become more brazen.

Poe, who used to head the Senate committee on public order and dangerous drugs, cited the supposed misplaced loyalty among police officers who tolerate the wrongdoings of their fellow policemen or officials.

“They (policemen) have the sworn duty to protect the people. Their loyalty should be with the Filipino people and not with their officials,” she said in a radio interview aired over DZBB.

If law enforcers can’t follow their mandate to protect the people, then the President and the head of the PNP should see to it that these police officers are removed from the organization, she stressed.

She added that if Dela Rosa allows erring policemen to stay in the organization, it will be difficult to control them and many would be encouraged to do the same.

Poe said President Rodrigo Duterte, who had been vocal in his support to the police, should issue a warning against abusive law enforcers that they will be removed from the service and thrown in jail.

“Without the reminder that the government is serious in going after police scalawags, the campaign to cleanse the PNP will not be successful,” she pointed out.

Dela Rosa has been heavily criticized for the kidnap-slay of South Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo allegedly by some policemen.

Some senators has called on the PNP to temporary suspend the illegal drugs campaign and focus first on ridding the organization of misfits.

But Poe said the war on drugs can continue as long as the police organization can ensure that its men will not abuse their authority.

“Oplan Tokhang needs to continue, but it doesn’t mean that the PNP can just kill anybody without due process,” she added.


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  1. General de la Rosa, you have the mandate to clean the PNP, you don’t just give them a push up punishment to the erring police. We are not in the ROTC training. You know when I saw this on the news, I was so disgusted with myself myself. If you don’t have the heart to do what is ask for you resign and leave the PNP, this erring police are soo dirty and knows only one thing. And I know you know what I mean.

  2. If reinstatement fee is fairly high, the newly reinstated policeman will try to make-up on the money he paid up just to get reinstated, and he will do whatever necessary to make up for his loses. Nowadays “integrity” alone does not exists in the government anymore and having a badge and a gun is considered a luxury occupation, only second from politicians. “GARAPALAN” na ang umiiral ngayon, and every department / division or branch of the government, corruption is already ingrained and common practice. If somebody get caught with their hands in cookie jars, like the Bureau of Immigration commissioner an his deputy, magpalusot ka lang at mag arteng paiyak-iyak lang when the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee investigates.

  3. Al Moranas Jr. on

    Gen Mamon dela Rosa is the root of the problems involving rogue elements in the pnp. he is not being feared, followed or even respected by his subordinates as he does not deserve respect as all he does is talk talk and talk. and to think that he is not an articulate speaker and not fluent in both english abd tagalog adds to his inability to communicate. he must be replaced and demoted to head the pnp in davao city

  4. The rationale of DILG Sec. Sueno does not fit to that organization – that’s the main reason he can not function well. He can not even decide on the case of a jailed mayor yet functioning still while on bars. On the other hand, PDG Bato Dela Rosa loves more social gatherings more than his mandated service. If these two guys’ functions were no where to be found, then what do we expect from our PNP? The glaring result is corruption, lawlessness within their ranks. The wonders of all, our President supports their shenanigans. The PNP is truly pampered syndicates.

    • Shenanigans is probably not fitted to the subject. However, the idea of cleaning police ranks is mandatory and should NAPOLCOM performed activities as reported by VACC, then ball has to roll. I suggest to replace all personnel NAPOLCOM once and for all. Cleaning shall be cleaning and not wiping tears only. And right, dapat matapang sa gawa not just the talking. If we say, kill then somebody has to die.

  5. The American, Grace Poe Llamanzares has no business and moral ascendancy to even talk about or criticize and accuse the PNP’s “fraternal mentality.” Maybe this alien does not understand what an “old boy’s club” practices the Legislative group are famous for, the practice of “horse trading.” To Grace Llamanzares, stop the hypocrisy please.

    • I think Grace Poe should keep her opinions to herself! What do you know? Besides, you’re really and American & you should have resigned even before the election. Duterte on one hand should let Bato run the show. Bato is always looking over his shoulders because he doesn’t have the gust to make decision. If I were D30, he should have a PNP chief who is clean and has the guts to make decision. Bato doesn’t have that. Poor him! Drugs must be stopped and we must identify the right PNP chief!

  6. “Oplan Tokhang needs to continue, but it doesn’t mean that the PNP can just kill anybody without due process,” she added.

    It means exactly that, the police kill anyone they like and have demonstrated that over and over.

  7. Poe, who used to head the Senate committee on public order and dangerous drugs,

    She did exactly what during her time as the head of that senate committee ?
    Pose for photos ?

  8. Bato is one of the problem and duterte for keeping Bato. Bato already violated the ethics law when accepted the monetary gifts from Pacquiao to watch the fight with his family in vegas all expenses paid. what do you call that? when the rank and file police officers see this then they will not respect the chain of command. I say Bato should first be fired or demoted back to chief of Davao to prove to the PNP that’s its no longer business as usual. Duterte is the problem. He wants loyalty in exchange for professionalism.. the people and senate should demand the replacement of Bato if we want a new PNP.

    • Bato already violated the ethics law when accepted the monetary gifts from Pacquiao to watch the fight with his family in vegas all expenses paid. what do you call that?

      Articles 210-212 of the Revised Penal Code

      Republic Act No. 3019 (Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act)

      Republic Act No. 6713 (Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees)

      Presidential Decree 46 (Making it Punishable for Public Officials and Employees to Receive, and for Private Persons to Give, Gifts on Any Occasion, including Christmas)

      Sec. 3 (d) of the law warns that “public officials and employees shall not solicit, or accept, directly or indirectly, any gift, gratuity, favor, entertainment, loan or anything of monetary value from any person in the court of their official duties or in connection with any operation being regulated by, or any transaction which may be affected by the functions of their office.”

      The exception to this ban is when the favor or the gift is of nominal or insignificant value and “not given in anticipation of, or in exchange for, a favor from a public official or employee.”

      But what if the one giving the gift or favor expected nothing in return, and it was given during an occasion? Corruption still exists, by virtue of the public official’s position alone.