• Police searching for Solano amid ‘inconsistencies’ in law freshman’s slay


    MANILA police are searching for the student who found the body of hazing victim Horacio Castillo 3rd for questioning over alleged inconsistencies in his affidavit, Chief Supt. Joel Coronel said on Tuesday.

    Coronel said that based on initial investigation, John Paul Sarte Solano, 27, was also a law student of the University of Santo Tomas (UST), although he identified himself as a part-time medical technologist of the San Lazaro Hospital, when he brought Castillo to the Chinese General Hospital early Sunday.

    Citing Solano’s testimony, Coronel said the witness claimed that Castillo was still alive when he found him in Barangay 133 at around 8 a.m. on Sunday at the corner of H. Lopez and Infanta Streets. He claimed that he hitched a ride in a pick-up car to bring Castillo to the hospital.

    However, based on statements from barangay officials and the CCTV operator, “no such incident took place in the hours Solano mentioned”, Coronel said in an interview over GMA Network’s “Unang Balita”.

    “So far, his testimonies are inconsistent with testimonies given by barangay officials,” Coronel added.

    Supt. Erwin Margarejo, spokesman for the Manila Police District (MPD), said the CCTV footage of the streets in the barangay that Solano mentioned did not show Castillo.

    “During the time that we reviewed the CCTV, there had been a conflict. Because we reviewed the hour that Mr. John Paul Solano claimed he found the body, and we found out that there was no body,” Margarejo said.

    Arnel Rovillo, the CCTV operator of Barangay 133, said Solano’s claim that he found Horacio’s body on H. Lopez and Infanta streets was “impossible”. He said he was “shocked” by Solano’s claim.

    “We were shocked because he said he saw the corpse here in our place. There was no report in our barangay. And whenever someone dies here, people swarm immediately. So it’s impossible that the corpse was thrown here,” Rovillo said. RJ CARBONELL







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