Police ‘spot reports’ no longer available to media–PNP


POLICE spot reports will no longer be available to the media, a spokesman for the Philippine National Police (PNP) said on Wednesday.

“Spot reports are part of on-going criminal investigations. They should not be released,” Chief Superintendent Dionardo Carlos said in a news briefing at the Camp Crame national headquarters in Quezon City.

Carlos said the only reports that media may get would be press releases, press statements, and news releases.

Carlos said the Police Information Office (PIO) of the PNP would determine when the spot reports would be released to the public.

He said the police was taking into consideration the victims who were women or minors.

“When the reports have women or minors, they should not be released to the media,” said Carlos.

Carlos said the police could release spot reports from time to time as long as there was a formal request letter from the news agencies but added that it would still be up to PNP if the request would be granted.

Asked what the basis was for the order and why it was being implemented only now, Carlos said: “This memorandum was in effect a long time ago. We are just reissuing it today because we don’t want to continue violating the rules on spot reports.”

Pressed on when the first memo was issued, Carlos said: “Basta, matagal na (What I know is that it was issued a long time ago.)

The Manila Times researched on the memo but could not find any information about it.

Carlos also denied speculations that PNP Chief Ronald “Bato”Dela Rosa had ordered him to prevent the distribution of spot reports.

“I didn’t see new documents regarding that,” Carlos said.

The memo was issued just as police drew flak from its handling of the deaths of teens Kian de los Santos, 17; Carl Angelo Arnaiz, 19; and Reynaldo de Guzman, 14.

The three were alleged victims of police brutality during anti-crime operations that included President Rodrigo Duterte’s war against drugs.




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