Police tighten security following foiled bombing


ZAMBOANGA CITY: Police heightened security in Jolo after suspected Abu Sayyaf rebels tried, but failed to blow up a prowl car parked near a busy area there.

Police were tracking down two men on motorcycle that left an improvised explosive on the patrol car while parked in Street 6 on the village of Kasalamatan on Wednesday night. The prowl car belongs to the members of the 6th Maneuver Platoon of the Provincial Public Safety Company who were unaware of the bomb.

A civilian, who discovered the improvised bomb, informed the military about the explosive that immediately radioed the police before it could explode. A witness said two men on a black motorcycle left a black backpack containing the explosive and hurriedly escaped.

Police and soldiers cordoned off the area and the Army carefully disarmed the improvised explosive device.

The Abu Sayyaf had previously bombed the police headquarters in Jolo several times in the past, and also attacked military and civilian targets there in recent years. The notorious group has recently pledged allegiance with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and vowed to put up a strict Muslim state in the southern Philippines.


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