Policeman charged for robbing a dead man


A MANILA police officer, suspected of robbing a dead man is facing administrative case before the Manila Police District office. SPO4 Noel Villamor could be dismissed from the service in spite of returning P5,000 to the wife of Al Santiago, a tailor, who committed suicide last Dec. 25 in Santa Cruz, Manila. Santiago’s wife, Nenita, said her husband killed himself by hanging after she left their house on Christmas eve when had a spat over the sewing machine he sold for P15,000. Witnesses said Villamor took Santiago’s wallet but the policeman insisted it only contained P5,000. Nenita refused to file criminal charges against Villamor.


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  1. Should be fired, He is not fit to be a police officer and brings shame to the entire profession.
    What kind of person steals money from a family that already has to deal with the suicide of a loved one, a police officer comes into their house and steals. Not exactly a credit to the profession is he ?