Policemen into drugs urged to go to rehab


The Philippine National Police (PNP) has encouraged law enforcers who are drug users to surrender if they want to avoid charges.

Director General Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa, the PNP chief, said policemen who will confess that they are drug addicts will be given a chance to reform in a rehabilitation center.

De la Rosa also assured that self-confessed “narco-police” personnel would be spared from possible charges.

However, the PNP chief stressed that only those policemen who will surrender to their unit commanders before undergoing drug tests will be spared from drug raps.

In line with the government’s zero-tolerance policy for drug abuse, the PNP has been conducting random drug testing to identify PNP personnel who are using illegal drugs.

De la Rosa said he was furious over the report of the PNP Crime Laboratory stating that 20 policemen had tested positive for illegal drug use.

He said those who had tested positive in drug tests should not stay in the service because they did not only violate the law, but also humiliated the organization.



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  1. Matino na Pinoy on

    There was one policeman who surrendered to the authority and wanted to rehabilitated from using drugs. However, he was shot and killed on his way home, and the family of the dead cop cried foul, and the family suspected that he was killed by the police and the police denied the allegations.

    Most likely, any policeman that admits using drugs and wanted to be rehabilitated, that policeman just asking to be killed because if he is a drug user, he must be protecting these drug pushers and he is in the loop of the drug trade. DU30’s declaration of war on drugs just got started and they will run over on anybody that are involved in drug trade in any shape or form.