Politicians from North back Marcos’ VP bid


BAGUIO CITY: Politicians in the North are breaking party barriers in throwing support for Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s bid for the vice presidency in 2016.

“He is ‘Anak Ti Amianan’ (Son of the North),” said Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan, a member of United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), on Friday.

Domogan, who leads the regional autonomy bid, has teamed up again with Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) member and former representative Bernardo Vergara, who is also supporting Marcos.

Vergara said he has endeared himself with the Marcos family.

Even Liberal Party Baguio chairman and incumbent Rep. Nicasio Aliping Jr., who on Thursday met with their party’s Presidential and Vice Presidential bets former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo also showed his support.

Earlier, Aliping hinted that members of the 49-member Northern Alliance in the House of Representatives, a loose bloc of legislators and political leaders tracing their roots from the Northern provinces, expressed their support for Marcos even if their own political parties have their own vice presidential aspirants.

However, Ilocos Sur Rep. Eric Singson, a leader of the LP in the North, remains mum on their support for Marcos.

“I am elated with the support,” said Marcos.

Although Marcos admitted that the so-called “regionalistic voting inclination” dwindled and was lost after his late father’s fall in 1986, he vows to bring it back.

“Let us bring back the glory of the North into the national scene once again,” he said.


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  1. The moronics noytaerds were so desperate.. Your boss will be prosecuted after his terms. About mamasapano massacre, Malampaya funds, nasaan nag pondo ng malapaya para sa project of energy resources.. sino ngayon ang magnanakaw sa pera ng bayan. Maraming pera ang nawawala bilyong bilyon na hindi alam ng amo ninyong abnoy kung saan napunta……Stop voting Idiot and stupid people..
    MDS and BBM is the best and they are for the people not for the elitist yellow noytard people..

  2. Sen. Bongbong, when you said to bring back the glory days of the north, are you hinting MARSHALL LAW?

    • :) After EDSA 1, then Pres Cory Aquino appointed members to the constitutional commission, the framers made sure Martial Law will not happen again, so how could a vice president declare martial law if ever bongbong gets the seat????

  3. If politicians of the north are binding themselves together then let or bind together the politicians of central, southern luZon, visayas and mindanao to stop this madness in voting for a Marcos. His parents Ferdinand and Imelda are the roots of all evil that happened in this country.Even at this point in time what they are eating , resources for ostentatios living are monies taken from the filipino people. These people has no shame, kapal nang mukha, They still have the nerve to show their faces in society.I also blame those people that vote for them . They are also MORONS.

    • hmmmm interesting, i wonder what your basis is in calling the legislators from the north as Morons….


    Mayor Domogan, thanks for showing us the right way. It’s Marcos or not at all,
    Let’s go for the SOLID NORTH and boot out these incompetent, vindictive, crocodiles
    and corrupt leaders of this administration.