• Politics and pornography



    NO one is immune to biases. The distorted opinions of some are deemed God-sent by the opposing side. One is expected to favor a recipe similar to the way their mother cooked when they were growing up. To an alumnus, graduates belonging to other schools are not always at par with their own alma mater. It goes for media employees as well. Time- honored respect for values and objectivity are sometimes abandoned in lieu of benefits and generous take-home pay.

    It is the same with politics. Members of a political group are biased as well as they try the lewdest form of insults and innuendoes to put down their targets. They try to strip their opponents with indecent exposures of their genitals much to their excitement even without basis.

    Like animals, they fornicate with wild hearsays, assumptions and speculations to dishonor even the members of their families. PowerPoints are now used as sex tools to drive home “pointed” assaults. There is now a thin line separating political abuse and sexual abuse. Sadly, we are all witnesses to these explicit encounters daily but we end the day by just shrugging our shoulders and expect to see more next time we open our eyes.

    * * *

    News: CJ Sereno on wellness leave, rejects quit call.

    I don’t blame her. She wants to be fit and well before accepting the verdict. In fairness, I don’t think “wellness” applies to being confined in any of Vicky Belo’s facilities. Or is it?

    * * *

    PDEA names 3 biggest drug suppliers to Philippines. PDEA has named the United Bamboo Gang (Bamboo Triad), 14K or Hong Kong Triad, and Sun Yee On as the country’s biggest shabu suppliers. Naming them of course is not enough.

    * * *

    Police who broke into the room after Stephen Paddock killed himself found 16 rifles, some with scopes, and some that appeared to have been modified to become automatic weapons.

    Police found at least 18 more guns, some explosives and thousands of rounds of ammunition in Paddock’s home. This is one guy whose intention was to massacre a large crowd. Possession of 16 rifles attest to his motive to kill thousands without reloading. Such viciousness.

    * * *

    Jinggoy: ‘Ombudsman in extort try.’ Estrada tags investigator in failed bid to downgrade case from plunder. We hope that this will not be tagged as “intimidation” or an “assault” on a constitutional body.

    * * *

    Drug case vs ex-Albuera, Leyte mayor junked. Manila Regional Trial Court Branch 26 Judge Silvino Panfilo Jr. ruled that a criminal complaint against a person who has died is considered junked. It is then safe to say that this is now a “dead issue”.

    * * *

    Former finance chiefs are endorsing original tax reform version or TRAIN (Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Act).

    Here are their reasons why: the measure would improve tax compliance and bring in more investments to create more jobs. This would support government programs such as the law on providing free tuition and other fees for enrollees in state universities and colleges, the pension for uniformed personnel and the increased social security benefits for retirees. To enable the government to finance our growing needs as a developing country, such as accelerating infrastructure development, closing the gaps in health and education and improving social protection programs for the poor and marginalized.

    – It is worth a second look. These men are highly competent and commands respect from international finance experts.

    * * *

    De Lima hits ‘Aguirre-style’ justice system. I just wonder if “De Lima-style” is much better. We all know where she is now.

    * * *

    CJ Sereno to House: Don’t even hold impeachment hearings. What I know is that the House cannot ask her to resign.

    * * *

    ‘Silent No More’ operators to be exposed at Senate hearing — Poe. It is not true that the operator will change the blog site to “Noisy No More” before the hearing starts.

    * * *

    News: Raps filed vs Ombudsman execs probing Duterte family wealth.

    Lawyers Manuelito Luna and Emilio Mallari filed graft and corruption and betrayal of public trust against Overall Deputy Ombudsman Arthur Carandang.

    A separate complaint was also filed against Carandang for “committing grave misconduct and gross dishonesty constituting betrayal of public trust, violation of the anti-graft and corrupt practices act and the code of conduct and ethical standards of public officials and employees”.

    The complaint was filed by former Rep. Jacinto Paras and lawyer Glenn Chong.

    – Being a top official of a constitutional body is not a guarantee of being shielded from investigation due to corrupt ways.

    * * *

    Eighty-three percent of ‘Build, Build, Build’ funding to come from borrowing, not tax reform, says Senator Angara. Why do we have to borrow and pay interest if we can factor in and source it rightly in the tax reform bill?

    * * *

    Businesses should always be on their toes (or shall I say on their fingers) to stay alive. Conceptual mind explosions in a digital age will always be a threat to survival in a very competitive world. A product can either be enhanced in a day or two or totally replaced in a year. Pioneering is now fast-paced and revolutionary ways of making profits are just fingertips away in a keyboard. Agility is the new business beast mode, not doctorates in economics.

    * * *

    Anyone, including politicians and celebrities, should not be scared of getting a mix of cheers and boos wherever they go. In life, what matters is that these noises are testimonials of one being alive and still relevant.

    Digital age overwhelms people. Even parents are afraid that their children will be caregivers of those majoring in computer science and technology. Literature and philosophy seem to be outdated choices. Never worry. All of us will eventually be measured by the amount of humanity in us. You will find out that walking your dog or picking flowers in bloom is a lot more refreshing than updating your laptop’s operating system.

    We all get slowed down due to fear of failure. Fail if you must, but fail fast and stand up even faster.

    It is always tough to decide which path to take. Consequently, friends and foes alike will always tempt to divert you into their preferred courses to theirs or to your advantage. It is in making this decision that you gain the word “courage”. Accountability for the action taken reaps what we call “wisdom”.

    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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