Politics seen in killing of former policeman


Politics may have something to do with the killing on Tuesday of a barangay kagawad in Manila.

This motive surfaced after Erlinda Legaspi, 40,wife of Salvador Legaspi, told investigators that her husband has been getting death threats since last year.

Erlinda said her husband started receiving death threats after he bared his plan to run for barangay chairman.

The victim, a former police officer, was a kagawad of Barangay 47 in Moriones, Tondo.

“One of the death threats came from no less than Barangay 47 Chairman Marty Carbajal,” a sobbing Erlinda told The Manila Times. She said there was a time when her husband engaged the village chairman in a debate regarding programs and projects.

“He wanted drug addiction to be eliminated in the barangay,” she said.

Legaspi was driving his passenger van when shot in the head by an unidentified man. He died on the spot.

The gunman, who was armed with .45 caliber pistol, was accompanied by four men.
Erlinda, a mother of four, said the suspects posed as passengers.

“They boarded the van when it was the turn of my husband,” she said.

“I suspected them. I ordered the barker to transfer them to the rear row, but the gunman stayed in his seat,” Erlinda said.

“I even texted him and cautioned him of his male passengers. But he did not check my text. I was calling him, but he did not answer. I was shocked when I saw the female passengers running toward me and told me that my husband was gunned down.”

Investigators are looking into the cellular phone of the victim, hoping to get a lead as to the identity of the mastermind of the murder.

Salvador opted for an early retirement in January 2012 with the rank of senior police officer 1 (SPO1). “He was a very effective police officer, especially against illegal drugs,” a police officer, who asked not to be named, told The Times.


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