• Poll bet wants Senate abolished


    ZAMBOANGA City: A senatorial bet of Partido Galing at Puso (PGP) of presidential candidate Senator Grace Poe, on Friday vowed to push for abolition of the Senate in case she wins a seat in the chamber in the May 2016 elections.

    Lawyer Lorna Kapunan, said whether she wins in the senatorial race, the abolition of the Senate will be her advocacy.

    “I believe that Senate should be abolished because senators do have their own constituency. The constituency is best served by the representative of their respective congressional district,” Kapunan told a news conference here on Friday.

    Kapunan noted that passing a law in a bicameral system is very difficult since apart from the two separate Houses of Congress, there is also what she called as the third House—the bicameral conference committee.

    According to her, the committee is more powerful than the two Houses because all bills passed by both chambers still have to go through the committee.

    The third reason why Kapunan wants to dissolve the Senate is that it is too expensive and it would be better if the budget intended for the chamber be used to fund different congressional districts.

    The Senate for 2016 has a budget of P3.72 billion, P1.8 billion for personnel service and P1.8 for maintenance and other operating expenses.

    “So, eventually when we become a politically mature government, I will personally, whether I win or lose, push for the abolition of the Senate,” Kapunan said.



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    1. Abolish Congress and replace it with a Federal/Parliamentary System. The result will be good for the Philippines and will stop political dynasties and political dynasties which have been abused by our current politicians and legislathieves.