• Poll bets hit Pacquiao over anti-LGBT tirade


    SENATORIAL candidates of independent presidential candidate Sen. Grace Poe’s Partido Galing at Puso and of the Liberal Party (LP) on Tuesday separately denounced Sarangani Rep. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao for comparing members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community to animals.

    Sen. Vicente Sotto 3rd said he was saddened by the pronouncement of Pacquiao, saying the boxer-turned-politician is wrong.

    “He is misguided and I can’t agree at all [with what he said],” Sotto replied when asked by reporters during a news conference at Hotel Del Rio in Iloilo City.

    Bayan Muna party-list Rep. Neri Colmenares likened Pacquiao’s statement to an illegal blow in boxing that further worsened discrimination against the LGBT.

    “That statement was below the belt. I have been pushing for the anti-discriminatory bill in Congress. He [Paquiao] should stop adding to the discrimination problem,” he said.

    Lawyer Lorna Kapunan said the Sarangani lawmaker should just stay in boxing where he can do better.

    Oversees Filipino worker (OFW) advocate Susan Ople said Pacquiao, being a lawmaker, should respect all human beings.

    “He needs enlightenment and guidance,” Ople added.

    Senatorial bets of the LP also expressed dismay with Pacquiao’s statements against the LBGT community.

    Campaigning in Silay City, Negros Occidental, also on Tuesday, Mark Lapid, Leila de Lima, Risa Hontiveros and Ina Ambolodto warned the worlds’ only eight-time champion in eight different weight classes after Pacquiao was quoted as saying in an interview that those who engage in same-sex relationships are worse than animals.

    “This is not about religion. This is about human rights. When he switched religion, we respected his decisions. In the same vein, he should also respect the rights of other people,” Lapid, who is in favor of same-sex marriage, told reporters after an LP rally here.

    He was referring to Pacquiao, who used to be a staunch Catholic, turning into a born-again Christian who engages in Bible studies and keeps pastors as part of his entourage in boxing bouts.

    “This is not about imposing it on [a certain]religion. What we want is for the state to honor their rights. We all have equal rights, and we can’t deny that the LGBT community has played a significant role in our economy,” Lapid pointed out.

    De Lima, a former Justice secretary, and Hontiveros said they are not in favor of same-sex marriage but want the rights of same-sex couples protected under the law.

    “I am not necessarily for same-sex marriage but we have to respect civil union [and the consequences of it for the same-sex couples. What I am for is for the protection of same-sex couples on the consequences of living together, i.e. beneficiaries, succession in case of sickness/death and property and contractual rights,” according to de Lima.

    "Love is love. And love is not rude. Love is beautiful and good. But our LGBT community is more concerned with an anti-discrimination bill right now,” Hontiveros said.

    Ambolodto, a Muslim, also frowned at the possibility of same-sex couples getting married but clarified that their right to have a choice should be respected.

    "I respect same-sex relationships and their civil rights to obligations and properties. It’s freedom of choice. In Islam, bawal po sa amin yan [same-sex relationships is forbidden in Islam]. But I respect their rights,” Ambolodto said.


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    1. as a Christians, I rely my faith and beliefs from the bible, Adam is for Eve, not Adam is for Steve. A true Christian believer should carry their own crosses for salvation; fame, money or greatness is nothing if we don’t live with the words of God.

    2. For sure Manny will become a Senator because of his money not his brain and/or education…kawawa na naman ang Pilipinas!

    3. Though I will not vote for Pacquiao because I believe that he will do good as a boxer than as a politician, I firmly share his thoughts about same sex affairs. He is absolutely right in saying that. He did not say that gays and lesbians are worse than animals, but the act of having sex with the same gender is.

    4. Pacquiao kinda step beyond the line. Pacquiao and I made the same mistake, we failed to follow the basic teaching of Jesus which is LOVE. We shoul live one another.

    5. opinionated na pinoy on

      In the Philippines, a very high percentage of politicians aspiring for high offices such as the Congress and Senate, I think, are morons. Sen Sotto and his group were saying that Paquiao is “wrong” in expressing his OPINION about the LGBT. They forgot something that he has the fundamental right to say anything, that includes expressing his beliefs on LGBT. He bumped head with the LGBT groups, consists of famous people, and I am assuming a well financed group/organization.

      The LGBT, please get a life. Paquiao is only expressing his Freedom of Speech and no need for you to crucify him on what he said. Most of you are getting personal on his views and what he thinks about LGBT. Move on and do not take it personally; just think that all of you are Blessed and Children of GOD.

    6. It only goes to show why ignorant, stupid people like Pacquiao must NOT be elected to any office.

      • ignorant for not knowing what are you doing or stupid for telling what are you doing, clear it up before he get elected into office.