• Poll results not cast in stone


    Vice President Jejomar Binay’s relegation to the No. 2 spot may be significant, but is not the biggest fall so far.

    Explaining their latest survey, Pulse Asia president Ronald Holmes said results indicate that the people are still on the lookout for an alternative candidate to support in 2016.

    “You would recall all of these investigation and all of the allegations against the Vice President haven’t stopped, to a certain extent there have been periods it escalated to the point that it’s the only thing hogging the news,” he told ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC).

    “[Binay’s] support remains to be much more manifest in Mindanao where he gets the plurality support among Mindanaoan voters. It’s not necessarily surprising relative to the results of the survey in March, there’s not a significant increase, but it’s an indication voters are looking at an alternate candidate,” Holmes said.

    He clarified that nothing is cast in stone yet, since preferences can shift in minutes.

    “You can expect changes, you can expect that some of what you refer to as surges, which we don’t label as such right now, may be maintained or reversed. It depends largely on issues and developments. It depends on what issues can be hurled,” Holmes said.

    He added that the survey results would not likely influence decision of the voters as much as the media would.

    “I don’t really see that there would be such an effect. If ever the amount of information the public gets about the candidates from the media, that will influence the voting more than the survey results,” Holmes said.

    Sen. Sergio Osmeña 3rd, a known political strategist, said Sen. Grace Poe should start consolidating her support base if she wants to maintain her good ratings in case she decides to run for a higher position in 2016.

    “Grace now has to firm up or solidify the support of her voters,” he added.

    Sen. Francisco Escudero, who is also reported to be hammering a tandem with Poe, said she should brace herself for more attacks after topping the survey.

    “I won’t be surprised if Senator Poe will be the target of more attacks. We have already seen a hint of what is to come with the previous attacks on her, questioning her citizenship and residency status,” he added.

    Ilocos Norte Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas said the survey will prompt various political parties to try everything to lure her into their team.

    “With those survey results, every political party should be pursuing or courting Grace Poe now as its guest candidate. But she should be very careful as those surveys were conducted while she was not associated with any political party,” Fariñas added.

    “Her being without a political party might have been a major factor in the people’s choice as they might be fed up already with the traditional political parties,” he said.

    Caloocan City (Metro Manila) Rep. Edgar Erice, a staunch supporter of Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd, said Poe is still not a lock for the presidency and should make the smart move by agreeing to be the running mate of Roxas.

    “I can easily say that as a vice presidential candidate, Senator Poe is a sure winner. Thirty percent is not a winning number 11 months before the elections. Binay has almost 50 percent [rating]a year ago,” Erice added.



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    1. I Remember... on

      Where are the questions asked by the survey? Those intellectuals are well known for misleading the people… What about Marcos and others?

      Apparently, the survey suggested names….
      1- What is the order of the names?
      2- Was Marcos in the survey?

      Again a b.ssss… survey by b.ss.. companies!

    2. How can the Pulse Asia Survey and SWS explain the continuing downslide of VP binay in the series of poll survey? What if this downslide continues until election time ?

    3. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      Well its obvious that by early next year, Binay will be at the tail-end or at least fifth place by the surveys. Binay can no longer fool the Filipinos by just denying his amassed wealth thru corruption. Binays’ lies displays their true form worst than the devil. And for those columnists who are pro-Binay because they are longing to have a diplomatic or cabinet position, your ambitions are over.