Pontiff calls for honesty, integrity


Pope Francis called on Filipinos to live with honesty and integrity and show compassion to people burdened with poverty and inequality.

In his homily at the Manila Cathedral on Friday, the pontiff asked the clergy and laymen “to build bridges, to pasture Christ’s flock and to prepare fresh paths for the Gospel in Asia at the dawn of a new age.”

“As the bishops of the Philippines have rightly taught, the Church is called to acknowledge and combat the causes of deeply rooted inequality and injustice which mar the face of Philippine society, plainly contradicting the teachings of Christ,” Francis said.

He added that Christians should live with honesty, integrity and concern for the common good.

The Holy Father warned that living a life true to the teachings of the Gospel is challenged by “materialism that can creep into our lives and compromise the witness we offer.”

The solution to this, the Pope said, is in “becoming poor ourselves.”

By stripping away complacency, “we will see things in a new light and thus respond with honesty and integrity to the challenge of proclaiming the radicalism of the Gospel in a society which has grown comfortable with social exclusion, polarization and scandalous inequality,” he added.

Francis also asked the young priests, religious and seminarians to share the enthusiasm of their love for Christ and the Church with their peers, especially the downtrodden.

He urged them to be present in the lives of people who have been “burdened by poverty and corruption, broken in spirit, tempted to give up, forced to leave school and to live in the streets.”

The Pope said the Christian message should be shared with a society that is tempted by confusing presentations of sexuality, marriage and the family.

These realities, he noted, “are increasingly under attack from powerful forces that threaten to disfigure God’s plan for creation and betray the very values which have inspired and shaped all that is best in your culture.”

The Pope said Filipinos are known for their love of God, their piety and their devotion to Mary and her rosary.

He prayed that Filipino Catholics will devote their time to “selfless service” so that their love for Christ will “ever more fully penetrate into the fabric of Filipino society.”


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  1. This of course,is something every right minded citizen of this country would applaud..

    Let us look at the pontiffs message in the context of our medical services.

    Due to Ill health, both my wife and myself been patients of one of the largest Catholic Private hospitals in the country..

    I was struck by how much money, figured into the equation of the health care we were given —

    If we did not have the money–we could not even get into the hospital-

    If we were to leave, because we did not have the deposit–This was considered leaving against medical advice-

    Then our insurance would not pay because we “had discharged ourselves”.

    One of us had to have an exploratory operation –

    This was because the diagnostic instruments could not detect anything–

    The operation went ahead -The family was told after the operation that my wife would have to go into Critical care/ICU–There was a deposit to be made of 100,000 peso…

    The upshot of all this was the cost was one million plus —

    My questions are these —

    We were lucky enough that our family were able to come up with all this money

    What if we could not-What if when my wife needed critical care –we did not have the deposit..?

    I have been associated with medicine for a very long time —

    I was under the impression ,that with the advent of diagnostic techniques that are available today.That the necessity of exploratory operations were very rare..

    The facts are, that the hospitals are so one eyed , when it comes to the financial.side,

    That the doctors are hard put to practice medicine as perhaps they might like..

    I noticed small things like IV trolleys were rusted so one could hardly move them-

    Doors off patients wardrobes not working –

    We are paying a high price–Are we getting the best?\

    Let Us hope that the Hospital administrators Heed the words of Their pontiff..

    “Blessed be they that have compassion and mercy”!

    I remain your…

  2. My Dearest holy father holiness POPE FRANCIS, Thank you so much for your wonderfull time and effort given to filipino people, the last time when the POPE came in Phillipines 1995 it bring all to Filipino dignity and peace of mind etc, and now you came and you bringing the filipino unto straight path of life. Thank you POPE Francis we love you, I am overseas from Kuwait a Filipino American followed the coverage from social media on your 4 days visit on my country.Thank you and please continue praying for the Filipinos and the whole world. GOD BLESS YOU :)