• Poor can’t afford housing programs – Robredo


    Housing programs are beyond the reach of the poor either because these are priced too high or they cannot comply with the rigid requirement, Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo said Thursday.

    The Vice President said most housing projects are mortgage-based, which means that these are limited to regular employees who are members of the Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG) Fund.

    “In a mortgage-based set up, those in the informal sector won’t have access because these people are not members of Pag-IBIG Fund,” Robredo said in an interview in General Santos City, where she attended an event for indigenous peoples.

    Robredo lamented that even if the Balanced Housing Act provides that 15 percent of housing projects should be allotted to the poor, the prices of such projects are still too high for informal settler families.

    “Even if you comply with these provisions, it only caters to those who earn enough to pay. We want to change the policy and open these to those who do not have the means to pay,” Robredo, chairperson of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council, said. “That is really the intent of the law. It’s just that the implementation is falling short. That’s why we are working on overhauling the policies.”

    The Vice President also lamented that the processing and approval of application for house financing takes years.

    “We need everybody to take part in this, that’s why I am asking the Habitat for Humanity, Gawad Kalinga, to take an active part. Otherwise, the increase of housing backlog will be at an exponential rate by the end of six years,” Robredo said.


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    1. My Gosh! where have you been through this years Leni? Since Cory’s take-over, the government housing program which was initiated by Imelda was placed in the back burner. It was not made a priority by any administration most specially your idol Pnoy who has not done nothing to improve the housing shortage. Worst. it’s not only the poor that’s feeling the housing crunch, but the middle class. Those institutions involved in this housing program were established during the time of Imelda e.g. Pag-Ibig, National Home Mortgage and other insurance agencies needed to create securitization of mortgages. These were all under the Human Settlement, but, apparently due to politicalization, the corruption in the housing sector was the one instituted instead for active packaging program for raising of funds. One glaring example is the Bliss settlement project in Lanuza st. corner C-5 at the back of Valle Verde 1 Pasig. Right after 86 EDSA. the cousin of Ninoy was immediately appointed to handle this Human Settlement and like a magic, the planned Bliss project vanished and the property was developed to the present Casa Verde Townhouses. Who sold this government land? why? and how much? was not at all investigated. Leni this is just one of Imelda’s prime land acquisitions which was supposed to be used for government housing program. Anyway Leni you are aligned with this Yellow group, why don’t you get hold and review the inventory of land for housing prior to 86 EDSA and ask these people the vanishing properties for housing which are now developed into prime private projects. Good Luck!

    2. Why can’t we think of a guarantee system to be provided by the government on those who will avail of the housing loan and also will ensure that the 20% being provided as required by the land developer will not accumulate and becomes unsaleable inventories? There is a mismatch in the present requirement because of its affordability by the intended beneficiaries.

    3. There are always plenty of government money when it comes to congresstong pork barrel but none for the poor. The 150 Billion in DAP that the Aquino administration squandered could have been used to finally solve the housing needs of the poor. But the heart of our government officials is to fill their pockets, not the urgent needs of our people. Our people living in squalor is testament to our government’s neglect and corruption.

    4. Why did it take so long to identify the problem. Even in Tacloban, there is a big shortage with billions allotted for this calamity. I was correct in voting for a VP Leni that has a very good outlook in life. I pray that Congress will support Leni in her housing programs. We need all the support. Also I am not a yellow Liberal party voter.

    5. Mayette Akehurst on

      Your are right Vice President Robredo is ti now very urgent to look into this housing crisis for our vulnerable countrymen nationwide. My heart goes for the sacrifices and utter neglect that they experience. No one should live in a squalid condition in the 20th century. We do hope action should be taken seriously and ASAP by the present Duterte government!!!!