• POPCOM should praise Prez Rody


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has said he will not shirk going against the Roman Catholic Church’s stand against using artificial means of birth control and insistence on natural family planning. The last three-word phrase refers to means that do not involve using contraceptive pills and devices that not only destroy the female ovum but also kill human beings even in the zygote stage.

    President Rody’s administration is working on the distribution of condoms, contraceptive pills, etc. to women all over the country more seriously than any other previous administration. After the Duterte presidency, the Philippines will be a deeply changed country.

    But he is not getting wild praise from Planned Parenthood and the Population Commission activists. This is because he has said he will “impose” a three-child policy. President Rody is, therefore, more liberal about pregnancies than the US-command obedient Planned Parenthood activists, whose ideal is zero pregnancies.

    But there is something that the Planned Parenthood activists and the Philippine Population Commission people should be praising the President for.

    This was expressed in the GMA News TV headline of the big story on its website on July 11, saying:

    “CHR: Average of 10 suspects killed per day under Duterte.”

    The Commission on Human Rights has said that in the Duterte presidency so far “the total number of drug suspects killed in the government’s intensified campaign against drug syndicates could be as much as 150 or even higher.”

    The story says that “in a report by GMA News’ Tina Panganiban-Perez on ‘24 Oras,’ CHR Commissioner Robert Cadiz said the number [per day]might be higher since not all incidents are reported in the media.

    “ ‘Since [President Rodrigo Duterte] took his oath of office, parang [it seems like]there is an average of 10 EJK (extrajudicial killings) case per day,’ Cadiz said. ‘I think that is alarming.’ ”

    The GMA News TV story, however, also says “Police records show a much lower number—103 from May 10 to July 3, 2016, or at least two drug suspects killed per day.”

    Nevertheless, President Rody—even if the number of slain drug dealers is only two a day—is contributing steadily to the decrease in Philippine population. It’s a great service to the nation to have two less drug pushers and dealers every day. And there’s a lot of them in the country. An anecdotal report received by The Times from a government official during the Aquino regime said every single barangay (village) in the Philippines has a drug problem. In some, the problem is mild. But in the villages of the larger and more urbanized towns all over the archipelago, the problem is as serious as what the former mayor of Davao City, who is now our President, has seen in Mindanao.

    The seriousness of the problem nationwide is what has driven Duterte to wage war rigorously against drugs—to the point of giving the Philippine National Police the grim assignment of finishing off drug dealers and pushers—observing the rule of law, of course, but announcing at the same time that he is “taking full responsibility for the killing of suspected drug traffickers by the police.”

    The drug menace is deeply destructive of our people, our society and our Republic.

    It must be terminated.


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    1. Drug lords and pushers should not be given a minute chance to live if found guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Only drug users must be given the chance for life if they would submit themselves for rehabilitation seriously.

    2. My own experience tells me of how despicable the drug industry has become that it has already destroyed the moral fiber of this country, to borrow the words of PRRD.
      Young people in our neighborhood, some in their early teens, hooked and peddling drugs brazenly. I tried reporting it to our nearest police station but there was no action. A distant relative who is a police officer from pasay also gathered intelligence reports and found out that the group is protected by someone high up. A general he said. No wonder those kids act like untouchables and arrogant.
      I almost got into a fight with a neighbor’s son, who is a druggie but prudence and commonsense prevailed on me not to engage him lest i’ll be killed or he drops horizontally.
      There are many stories and i can just imagine for the rest of the nation as well.
      I do not like hurting people much less killing lunatics but we need some waking up and a good kick in the butt for those who refuse to yield.

    3. In my Opinion, drug users or drug addicts should spare from life and rehabilitate them. they should not be killed. They are the victim of drug lords and drug protector. President Duderty named drug protectors 5 PNP Generals . If President Duderty true to his words to eliminate drugs, he should order to arrest these 5 PNP Generals, if they resist and try to fight they should be killed right away. And the drugs problem will be solved.

      There is a video and viral in social media, Former Justice Sect. and elect senator de lima, attended a birthday party by the drug lord colanggo right there in bilibid.She sung karaoke and had an elbow to elbow with colanco… Watch in Faith Video, youtube..If this video is validated and to be true, senator de lima should be arrested right away. If she resist, she should be eliminated too. Drugs will be eliminated either.