Pope consoles James Foley’s parents, prays for UN effort to stop IS aggression


NEWS from the Vatican tells of Pope Francis having called the parents of James Foley, the American journalist beheaded and stabbed by a militant/terrorist of the Islamic State in Iraq (ISIS).

ZENIT reported that Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi confirmed that the Holy Father telephoned John and Diane Foley.

Although no details were given as to what was said in the conversation, Fr. Lombardi confirmed that the “call took place [on Thursday]evening.”

A video shown all over the world earlier this week gripped audiences with sorrow and horror at the sight of the journalist’s beheading. The video said the beheading was in retaliation against the USA air-strike support for the enemies of IS.  The IS, which has established a Caliphate in the areas of Iraq it now controls, plans to conquer the whole world and destroy all infidels–including Christians and Muslims who are adherents of sects different from the IS Caliphate’s Sunni Islamic faith.

It is known that the IS still has another journalist hostage, Steven Sotloff.  The Caliphate’s terrorists have threatened to murder him unless US President Barack Obama stops aiding the Iraqi government against the IS.

On his return flight from South Korea, the Holy Father stressed that the nations of the world must form a united stand.

“One nation alone cannot judge how to stop an unjust aggressor,” the Pope said. “After the Second World War there was the idea of the United Nations.  It is there that this should be discussed.  Is there an unjust aggressor?  It would seem there is. How do we stop him? Only that, nothing more.”

The Pope has called for prayers to help stop the killing spree of the IS.
We in The Manila Times urge all our readers to pray for peace in Iraq-Syria and the Middle East in general.

And let’s pray also for the 100 or so Mindanao Muslims affiliated with the Abu Sayyaf and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters–who have been reported to have pledged allegiance to the Caliphate and gone to Iraq to be trained by the Caliphate’s experts in terrorism—to be converted and return to the original doctrine of peace that is Islam.

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Foley’s murder exposes militants’ evil

WE share with Times readers the following editorial from The News & Observer (in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA) courtesy of the  MCT Information Services:

THOSE who serve as foreign correspondents in dangerous places are often asked: “Why would you put yourself in harm’s way?”

The answer typically is that the life gets in one’s blood, and the excitement produces an adrenaline rush. Some correspondents spend virtually their entire working lives overseas, dodging bullets and chemical weapons and guerrilla fighters.

James Foley, a freelance photojournalist, lived that kind of life after growing up in the small town of Rochester, NH [New Hampshire].

Foley now has become the latest journalist targeted by militants, this time the Islamic State, an offshoot of al-Qaeda. A video posted Wednesday showed Foley being beheaded, and a knife-wielding fighter promised that more American captives would die because of US strikes on Islamic fighters in northern Iraq.

Life means little to these militants who slay children, women, aid workers and journalists. They kill for revenge and indiscriminately.

James Foley was not a soldier in the field against them. He was doing his very dangerous job.

Americans know such work is risky, from the World Wars and Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan where journalists have been at risk in the midst of combat. But in early 2002, a Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl, was kidnapped by Pakistani militants and killed on camera while on assignment in Pakistan. Like Foley, Pearl was no stranger to the hazards of his profession.

But Pearl’s murder showed that militants behind a particular ideology were willing to take any step, commit any act, to make their point.

Foreign correspondents will carry on, because that is what they do.

James Foley’s work showed the suffering that comes with war. In death, he showed the Islamic State’s evil to the world. ©2014 The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.)


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  1. Eddie de Leon on

    We must join the Pope in praying for this because it will take a real miracle for the United Nations General Assembly to vote against the Islamic State caliphate. The majority in the UN General Assembly is made up states that, except for defnite US allies like he Philippines, each for reasons of its own votes against the US, the West, and Israel and likes to vote for causes that will promote instability in the MIddle East.