• Pope Francis recognizes 2nd Mother Teresa miracle

    Mother Teresa

    Mother Teresa

    Pope Francis has recognized a second miracle attributed to the late Mother Teresa, clearing the path for the beloved nun to be elevated to sainthood next year, the archbishop of Kolkata said on Friday.

    Mother Teresa, celebrated for her work with the poor in the Indian city, is expected to be canonized on September 4 as part of the pope’s Jubilee year of mercy, according to the Catholic newspaper Avvenire in Rome.

    Archbishop of Kolkata Thomas D’Souza said the Vatican has recognized that Mother Teresa cured a Brazilian man suffering from multiple brain tumors in 2008.

    “I was informed by Rome that Pope Francis has recognized a second miracle to Mother Teresa,” D’Souza added.

    A panel of experts, convened three days ago by the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints, attributed the miraculous healing to Mother Teresa, Avvenire Vatican expert Stefania Falasca reported on Thursday.

    Teresa, who was born to Albanian parents in what is now Skopje in Macedonia, was known across the world for her charity work.

    She died in 1997 at the age of 87.

    Nicknamed the “Saint of the Gutters,” she dedicated her life to the poor, the sick and the dying in the slums of Kolkata, one of India’s biggest cities, founding the Missionaries of
    Charity order of nuns there.

    Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

    She was beatified by Pope John Paul 2nd in a fast-tracked process in 2003, in a ceremony attended by some 300,000 pilgrims.

    Beatification is a first step toward sainthood.

    Her missionary order in Kolkata —formerly known as Calcutta— said it was “thrilled” and grateful to the pope.

    Sunita Kumar, a missionary spokesman who worked closely with Mother Teresa, said the late nun was an extraordinary woman who believed hard work was the best way to serve God.

    “She of course read the Bible but her main understanding was to serve the poor,” Kumar told the NDTV network. “Look at the work she did, not a day’s holiday, not a day’s rest.”
    “I am absolutely delighted that it happens in my lifetime,” she told Agence France-Presse.

    Not without critics

    Her canonization in Rome is expected to again draw large crowds for what will likely be one of the highlights of the special Jubilee year.

    In 2002, the Vatican officially recognized a miracle she was said to have carried out after her death, namely the 1998 healing of a Bengali tribal woman, Monika Besra, who was suffering from an abdominal tumor.

    The commission found Besra, diagnosed with tuberculosis and a cancerous tumor, got well after prayers by the Missionaries of Charity.

    The traditional canonization procedure requires at least two miracles.

    For all the reverence with which her name and memory are treated, Mother Teresa was not without her critics.

    She has been accused of trying to foist Catholicism on the vulnerable, with Australian feminist and academic Germaine Greer calling her a “religious imperialist.”
    One her most vocal detractors was the British-born author Christopher Hitchens.

    In a 1994 documentary called “Hell’s Angel,” he accused her of being a political opportunist who failed those in her care and contributed to the misery of the poor with her strident opposition to contraception and abortion.



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    1. Gloria M. Kuizon on

      Reading this report by AFP and seeing your editorial cartoon today makes me wonder: Have the Manila Times editors become anti-Catholic Church? You don’t seem to know that the subject of the story is Blessed Mother Teresa not just Mother Teresa as the apparently Protestant, neutral or atheist writers and editors of the AFP probably think.

      Are your editors now under the command of anti-Catholic and anti-religion former Ambassador Tiglao?

      How can your editorial cartoonist portray the Catholc Church as one of the monsters bedeviling the Philippines instead of being one of the shining lights among the major institutions of this country? Are you out of sync with the people who consider the Church the Number 1 most trusted institution here?