Pope’s favorite football team scoffs at Trump ‘buyout’


BUENOS AIRES: The vice president of Argentine football club San Lorenzo, whose rabid fans include Pope Francis, scoffed on Friday (Saturday in Manila) at a report that American pre¬sidential hopeful Donald Trump wants to buy the team, saying he would rather get a bid from Donald Duck.

“Poor Donald. I’ll take the Duck any day. He’s more serious,” Tweeted popular TV host and sports businessman Mar¬celo Tinelli, after the New York Post reported that the Republican candidate and a business partner had sent a statement of interest to San Lorenzo.

The club, one of the most popular in football-mad Argentina, is currently a non-profit organization whose managers are voted in by its members.

The pope is a life-long fan who grew up watching the team’s matches at its stadium in Buenos Aires.

Citing unnamed sour¬ces, the Post said the bid was the latest move by Trump and Italian real estate tycoon Alessandro Proto to buy a Latin American football club, after Colombian side Atletico Nacional rejected their $100-million offer.

Trump is deeply unpopular with Latino voters in the United States, a key demographic, after unleashing a tirade against Mexican immigrants when he launched his candidacy, saying: “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

Tinelli, a variety show host, is one of Argentina’s most popular TV stars. He is also a vice pre¬sident of the Argentine Football Association.



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