Popular actress-comedian bashed for ‘mistreating’ fans


    This popular actress-comedian (PAC) may have amassed a huge following for her free-spirited personality but she seems to have lost her happy going ways based on a video circulating online as you read this.

    An overnight superstar and half of a prized love team that has fizzled out, PAC is nonetheless on top of her game, releasing a book project as her latest gift to fans.

    Thing is, PAC didn’t seem to be in a very giving mood on the day of her book signing based on the circulating video. Edited by the netizen who uploaded the disappointing scenes, the clips show how PAC’s fans lined up for hours to get her autograph; scream and cry with joy at the sight of her (albeit surrounded by a horde of bodyguards); and finally begging her to sign their books, which PAC promptly shoved away as she made a dash for her car.

    Posted the netizen who caught PAC’s outburst, “Pinag-isa ko na ang mga video ha. Mas worst (sic) talaga yung second video. Ewan ko kung ano magiging feeling ko sa inyo. Maawa ba ako or ano. Ginusto ninyo kasi yan. Eto na lang. Mahalin ninyo sarili ninyo.”

    Other similar reactions have called on PAC’s fans to think twice about their idol:

    “I can’t imagine being her fan, how sad. Walang paki sa inyo. She just loves the attention but she’s not capable of reciprocating your efforts.”

    “Nagmukhang desperado yung mga fans. I have never seen [PAC’s erstwhile screen partner] treat his fans like that. Maano ba pirmahan mo ng maayos, kailangan pa magmakaawa sa kanya.”

    Mind you, this is not the first time PAC had an issue with her own fans. She once asked them for her freedom and to refrain from dictating what she should do with her life.


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