• Popular ‘lechon’ sellers not paying right taxes


    The Department of Finance (DOF) and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) disclosed on Wednesday that most of the popular lechon establishments in the country did not pay the right amount of taxes for 2012, according to their latest Tax Watch Campaign ad.

    Based on the advertisement citing lists of Spot.ph, Interaksyon and ChoosePhilippines.com’s best lechon places, big names such as Lydia’s Lechon, Mila’s Lechon and Cebu-based Zubuchon, among others, paid amounts in their 2012 income tax returns (ITR) less than the average income tax due set by the BIR.

    “The average income tax due of these lechon sellers is P77,903 . . . [yet]Mila’s lechon had P5,099 income tax due, which is less than the price of their 18-kilo lechon,” the DOF and BIR said, referring to 18-kilo lechon prices of Mila’s Lechon ranging from P5,200 to P5,600.

    “Three Little Pigs and Rico’s Lechon have zero income tax due for 2012 . . . Only 11 out of 17 [popular]lechon sellers have 2012 ITRs,” the agencies added.

    Besides the P5,099 tax paid by Mila’s Lechon for the whole of 2012, the BIR also noted Lydia’s lechon having a P47,017 ITR for 2012, still not in accordance to the P77,903 requirement of the tax bureau, as well as Zubuchon with P32,697.

    Out of the listed 17 popular lechon establishments, three lechon establishments were the top taxpayers in the business for 2012 with P465,270 for CnT Lechon, P123,255 for Ulcing’s Lechon, and P93,456 for Ping-Ping’s Lechon.

    Those without 2012 ITRs or did not pay their income tax due aside from Three Little Pigs and Rico’s Lechon included Elar’s Lechon, Hecky’s Lechon, Sabroso Lechon, Jiro’s Lechon, Cris Native Lechon and Aling Loring’s.

    There were also those who paid taxes but were far off from BIR’s requirement such as General’s Lechon with P5,594 for 2012, Jun and Jun’s Cebu Lechon with P17,259 and Charlie’s Pritchon with P67,282.


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    1. BIR Kim Henares roasts lechon sellers and sows fears among taxpayers but fears DUNKIN’ DONUTS’ local seller….a TAX EVADER?

      GOLDEN DONUTS, INC (GDI), the Philippine Franchisee of DUNKIN’ DONUTS OF AMERICA, INC. (DUNKIN’ BRANDS, INC.), has unpaid tax deficit of P1.5 Billion for year 2007, but Henares refuses to either collect it or sue the company for tax evasion for under-declaring its revenues in the income tax return. (The Manila Times, 12/11/13)