Popular millennials join Gina Lopez in environ-themed ‘G Diaries’


There’s no stopping former Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary (DENR) Regina “Gina” Lopez from using every means possible to champion Mother Earth.

In fact, she is going into the second season of “G Diaries,” a show she conceptualized on the family-owned ABS-CBN to advocate eco-tourism.

Since its airing in June 2017, Lopez, who also host the weekly program, has proven to be very entertaining in taking viewers along her personal travels across the country to highlight nature’s bounty. Ultimately, she is able to call attention to causes of environmental protection, stewardship, and the betterment of communities.

Former Environment Secretary Gina Lopez pursues her advocacy for mother earth via TV

The show—a project and production of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Inc.—therefore aims to keep its momentum: To continue entertaining the public, promote the Philippines as a majestic travel destination, and most of all to inform and incite action so that more and more Filipinos can join the effort to preserve the environment and bequeath it in its healthiest state to the next generation.

Communities in focus
For the second season, Lopez said in a media conference that the program would be more focused in showing the efforts of local communities to protect and preserve their natural resources amid progress and development.

“We will do it one community at a time. We will show how each community has done it and that things can be done. We will show the heroism of the community, the government and businesses, and what can be achieved when people work together from a space of love,” she elaborated.

Lopez also welcomed the entry of young ABS-CBN stars known as the “G Squad,” and believes they will effectively bring the advocacy closer to the public considering their star power and influence among the youth and masses.

“Our great stars who love our environment and our nation will go around different parts of the Philippines with me, enjoy themselves, and invite you all to go there. Because if you go there, the locals will be inspired and you will be inspired as well. We will all be inspired together. We will work together in love,” she said.

Nature’s newest allies are love teams Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador and Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual who will help Lopez bring a more dynamic second season, which debuts on February 11.

Also taking part in the fun and advocacy of the program are other members of the G Squad like Sue Ramirez, Gretchen Ho, Loisa Andalio, Kristel Fulgar, Antoinette Taus, Young JV, and BoybandPH’s Joao Constancia, Russell Reyes, Niel Murillo, Ford Valencia, and Tristan Ramirez.

Listed in the season’s itinerary are trips to Samar, Lobo in Batangas, Sibuyan Island in Romblon, Iba in Zambales, Kinatarcan Island in Cebu, and even a visit along the iconic Pasig River.

Sharing her personal experience shooting in Batangas, Ho said, “I am amazed in the beauty of Lobo because it’s just three hours away from Manila and if you go there, it’s like a hidden paradise. Not so many people know about it. There are lots of mangroves, beaches, activities like snorkeling and diving plus the people are so nice and welcoming. It’s just that they lack exposure and word of mouth, so I am glad that G Diaries lets communities share the provinces’ beauty around the world. It’s doing us a favor in opening our eyes to so many things in life here in the Philippines.”

BoybandPH’s member Joao, on the other hand agreed and shared, “I came from a very busy city of Macau and there’s not so much trees and natures around. For me to experience the Philippines, particularly Lobo, is wonderful. The people are kind and I even had the opportunity to talk to kids over there. It’s a very different perspective living in a city to small communities. People just enjoy the view.”

Finally, Lopez noted that G Diaries is not only a tourism show, but it’s about life and improving lives.

“I just want everyone to know that G Diaries is not just a show. It’s a part of a total effort. As we speak now, there are a lot of things happening around the country, and we want to get them out of poverty. But the problem of the poor is marketing. They have many beautiful places, products but they don’t have the chance to tell it to the world.”

Directed by Alco Guerrero, G Diaries, will air every second Sunday of the month, at 10:30 a.m. before “ASAP” on ABS-CBN.

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