• Pork barrel abolition to lead country closer to right path: Drilon


    Senate President Franklin Drilon said Saturday the abolition of the pork barrel would lead the country closer to the “straight path.”

    “We [the Senate]laud the President for exercising political will over political patronage in handling the issue of PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund),” Drilon said, explaining how the decision would free the poor Filipinos from the practice of political debt and patronage.

    “It only shows the government’s strong resolve in implementing ‘tuwid na daan’ or straight path and good governance,” he added.

    Drilon said scrapping the PDAF not only will address the issues of corruption but will also “free the poor from the shackles of political debt and patronage, which had been the practice of corrupt politicians”.

    He said that even if the Senate abolished the PDAF, the needs of the constituents of legislators will not be neglected.

    “I am particularly in favor of putting the desired projects or initiatives of lawmakers in the budget as line items because it creates a system where the public or the lawmakers’ constituents will have the chance to scrutinize them and guard their lawmakers’ process of identifying their projects,” Drilon said.




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    1. Nothing but a political scoring and , he just saying it because of the big rally coming this Monday. Does Drilon really want it abolish I doubt. A political butterfly.

    2. What Drillon is saying will just reinforce the fact that the PNoy administration is very, very scared of what will happen starting Monday when the rally for the abolition of the port will be start. PNoy sudden turn around on the issue proves it. Unfortunately, PNoy may have underestimated the people by now saying that he is now in favor of Pork abolition BUT, as what was anticipated by many, he will just change the name and title and…tuloy ang ligaya! This Lolong Drilon is really a very sleek operator and politician, trying to put us in his pocket. Having a bad record as a politican and legislator, Drilon cannot sweet talk the citizens/

    3. “Pork abolition to lead country closer to right path?”

      Amazing! At least and for the very first time, Drilon who is an LP official, indirectly admits that PNoy’s “Matuwid na Daan” is not the right path. In fact, we are nether inside “Matuwid na Daan” nor the “right path” correct, Drilon? And, with the pork abolition it will only make the country “closer” but not inside the the right path, correct again Drilon? Worse, without the abolition of pork we will never be at least closer to the right path.

      Alas, PNoy will never abolish the pork barrel funds. His worthless and misleading announcement thus, “It’s time to abolish the PDAF” was just designed to hoodwink the people on abandoning their protest mass action on August 26. Why should he say “It’s time” when he was debunked by no less than his own DBM Secretary Abad that such announcement will only materialize in 2015? Are they saying that the miracle will happen only in 2015? They are the worst false prophets since time immemorial.

    4. After 3 years, is Sen. Drilon saying that we are still nowhere near the straight path and are actually still groping in the dark where that mythical road might be? Is it possible that from what we have experienced under this Bs government, we are being led to the road to perdition and not salvation?