Pork brains Abad must resign


If he has any decency left, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, President Aquino’s ideologue and strategist, must resign immediately. Whistleblower Janet Napoles’ testimony implicating him in the pork barrel scam is so devastating that he cannot just say or pretend that he was “amused” by it.

That self-righteous group Abad helped set up, the Former Senior Government Officials (FSGO) group, should formally ask him to resign as well. No dark cloud should hang over any member of the Daang Matuwid family, right?

And if he has any reasoning left in him, Abad should realize by now that Aquino has abandoned him. He has been set up to take all the heat. It was Senator Franklin Drilon, very reliable sources disclosed, through former agrarian secretary Rene Villa (both Liberal Party top honchos) who had inserted pork barrel queen Janet Napoles into the bureaucracy, which had convinced Abad to trust her.

Napoles, both in her first affidavit disclosed by former Senator Panfilo Lacson, and the one she submitted the other day to the Senate, narrated in detail her dealings with Abad, how he even tutored her in the need to set up non-government organizations in order to siphon off pork barrel money.

He has been repeating only one line of defense: “I find it amusing that I am once again in the crosshairs of those who want the Aquino administration to fall,” he said the other day.
He had struggled to explain his strange logic in another interview: “All the dirt they’ve thrown at President Aquino hasn’t affected his ratings at all. So they’re throwing dirt at me now, hoping that the muck will somehow fall on him.”

Why would Lacson, Napoles?
It just didn’t cross Mr. Abad’s mind: Why would Lacson, a big Aquino supporter and Cabinet member, want to throw dirt at the President? Lacson was the first to disclose Abad’s links with Napoles.

Look at this also from Napoles’ perspective: Why would she want to hit the President (by linking Abad, as Abad’s logic goes)? She is completely at the mercy of Aquino.

He could very easily have the judge order her to be freed, only to be assassinated on the way home. Or, he can use his daan-na-tuwid nobody-is-above-the-law rhetoric and have her thrown in a dirty city jail together with hardened criminals. Or he can go against his own words and declare she is fit after all to be a state witness.

Napoles first made the accusations against Abad in her five-hour talk with Justice Secretary Leila de Lima on April 22.

Isn’t it clear to Abad that de Lima got the President’s approval for him to be implicated in Napoles’ testimony?

Those in the opposition who had been accused by Napoles have been claiming that de Lima revised her affidavit, which she certainly could have done in the past several weeks, as she was the only official allowed to be in touch with Napoles.

Why would de Lima go against her boss Aquino, which Abad claims is the reason for his being embroiled in the controversy?

In criminal trials, it is the level of detail that bolsters accusations made against the defendant. It is also the uniqueness of the testimony—in contrast to simple tales—that strengthens its veracity.

Such detail and uniqueness are features of Napoles’ testimonies that embroiled Abad in the controversy. Consider her claims, and decide if these were merely imagined.

In her first affidavit given to Lacson, Napoles claimed that she was introduced to Abad in 2000 when she lent him some money, which the former Batanes congressman promptly paid with interest.

Abad then imparted to Napoles how he had used foundations to roll out the initial financial investment. That— gratitude—explains why Abad tipped her on how to use NGOs for the pork barrel scam.

In the signed affidavit she submitted to the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, Napoles said that she met Abad, through an agent named Manuel Jarmin, at the Japanese Restaurant at Edsa Shangri-La Plaza Hotel.

There, she said, Abad explained that the SARO or special allotment release order is needed for PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund, the official name of the pork barrel) allocations. She added that it was also Abad who explained that she needed an NGO or cooperative to be able to deal with the agencies.

The brains
That is why she has been insisting that she wasn’t the brains of the pork-barrel scam: It was Abad.

I have worked in government as an official for about five years, and as a reporter I covered it probably for two decades. Yet I have never fully understood the intricacies—the CCAs and SAROS, among others—of the process for releasing taxpayers’ money.

How could Napoles, who spent most of her time in an outback area like Basilan and who had only two years of college, grasp its complexities so as to carry out a mammoth scam for years?

It would, however, be a walk in the park for a lawyer with a Harvard masters’ management degree who run a huge government bureaucracy like the education department—Abad— who would have that additional crucial unique knowledge: how NGOs work.

“In that meeting, I gave him P2 million. When the notice of cash allocation came out I gave him P2 million at Cravings on Katipunan,” she said.

“When we talked about the implementation of a project, he asked me if I have an NGO or coop. I said I had none, and he said he’d take care of this. As far as I can remember, he used the Batanes Electric Cooperative to implement the project,” Napoles said.

Are these details that Napoles could fabricate?

Edsa Shangri-la restaurants are known favorites of Abad since his Congress days. “Cravings” restaurant near Ateneo de Manila, on the other hand, is a favorite among NGO people, who consider Abad one of their own.

It is intriguing, though, why Napoles claimed that Abad returned the P4 million she gave him at Edsa Shangri-la and Cravings.

There was only one other case when dirty money, even if not all, was returned to her. She claimed in her testimony: “I gave money for the campaign of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano in the last election. We met at the SLICE restaurant in Bonifacio Global City. I personally handed the money to him.”

“The project did not push through because we had a disag­reement on the rebate. They were asking for a bigger rebate, that’s why they returned the money I had advanced… When I got the money back, it wasn’t complete,” she said.

In Napoles’ twisted mind (or more likely, Justice Secretary de Lima’s), these details about “returned money” was a way of telling those implicated that they could argue before the Ombudsman that they were not outright crooks, because they returned the money (even if it is “not complete”) to Napoles.

All these obfuscation amid the damning details does not hide the fact that Abad has been tagged as the mastermind in both the Napoles signed and expanded affidavit, and in Lacson’s unofficial (but useful for counter-checking) Napoles affidavit.

Aquino has already protected Drilon, this is obvious from his sudden disappearance in the Napoles long affidavit. Now, if Aquino continues to coddle and protect his other LP ally Abad, his “daang matuwid” will really be exposed for what it is—a hypocritical sham.

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  1. There is no truth, however, that in the secret book of accounts of Janet Lim-Napoles, then Batanes Congressman (& later Budget Secretary) Florencio Abad had the code name of “Sisig.” Why “Sisig”? Because the dish is usually made from pork brains. :-) :-) :-)

  2. PusongPinoysaTate on

    Mga politiko, kawani ng pamahalaan ng bansang Pilipinas, wala na ba kayong mga kahihiyang natitira sa mga puso ninyo? Mula Malakanyang, senador, kongresista, gobernador, mayor, barangay, at halos lahat ng kawani ng pamahalaan, magnanakaw, salapi ang mga nasa isip pag-pasok pa lamang, katiwalian na ang mga inaatupag. Maawa kayo sa bansang Pilipinas! Ipag-kaloob mo po sa kanila ang impyerno ng kumukulong langis. Mahabaging Diyos!!!

  3. Kaawa-awang Butch Abad…hindi pa niya nahulaan na tatraydurin din siya ng mga Aquino (they always do their friends in the end, anyway)…

    Isip-isip ka na Abad, unahan mo na sila while there is time…apply ka agad ng state witness, by pointing to your higher ups…pag naiconnect na sila ni Napoles, wala ka nang lusot or chance na makaligtas sa bitay…

    Kahiya-hiya na ang mga Abad sa publiko..scam tutor pala si Daddy Abad..

  4. niemann khumar on

    Karma comes knocking at Malacanang’s door…as for Drilon, the only thing that’s stopping Pnoy from “dropping” him probably is they go way back during the time when Drilon was under the employ of Hacienda Luisita hence maybe he has the “goods” on Aquino-Cojuangco clan’s shady deals!

  5. Evidently almost all CASH-RELATED transactions of this lousy administration from DBM Chief, Butch Abad must have to pass the official approbation of NOYNOY to conclude the “Highly Classified” 50% escrow commission. But most importantly the chosen Malacanang mouthpieces tasks to sanitize the saintliness of Nonoy must be exceptionally good to face the press in making formal prepared announcements designed to mislead the gullible public that all these Lump Sums are for the welfare of the nation and it isn’t a multi-billion “Rip-Off” It’s simple. How would you justify the massive spending without a meaningful infrastructure? Seven (7) long months of post Yolanda outbreak and the sensationalized over-budgeted, below standard “Bunk Houses” are still not decided and settled while the 9.5 Million and 15 Million expenditures on US President Barack Obama visit and the recently concluded World Economic Forum were all lavishly budgeted and attended.

  6. Kanta na Abad tutal inilaglag ka na para sama sama kayo wala dapat iwanan be a hero 2 pinas

  7. Panginoong kong Diyos, saan papunta ang bansa kong ito kung halos lahat ng mga namumuno sa ating gobyerno ay sangkot sa pagnanakaw ng pera ng mamamayang pilipino?

  8. I do not know why some Filipinos will believed the new affidavit of Napoles.
    Remember people, she is a first class swindler and a thief. Imagine, she was able to convinced the 3 senators to steal the peoples money With the 3 senators caliber and experiences, that will show how great swindler, thief and a liar Napoles is. But still some crazy Filipinos riding with her. Unbelievable how short minded to some of them.

    • Short-minded? Heck.

      Abad must prove that he had never received money and had no dealing with Napoles like he is claiming.


    • In other words .. mas kapanipaniwala na MAY ISANG HARVARD GRADUATE AT BIHASA SA GOBYERNO ang nagturo sa isang wannabe-undergraduate na BABAE para makagawa ng PINAKAMALAKING SCAM SA KASAYSAYAN.

  9. Sa Laki ng Halagang pinaghati hatian ng mga Hudas ng Bayan, walang sinabi
    ang 30pirasong pilak ng original Hudas na nagkanulo sa anak ng DIYOS.
    Imposibleng di alam at di sabwatan ng mga galamay ni Pilato ang
    Lagayan o panunuhol. Si Pilato mismo ang nasa dulo galing sa galamay
    niyang si Herodes ang Pilak na bilyones at aprobado ng punong Baboy
    ng Senado at Kongreso. Kitang kita sa ginawa nilang kababuyan
    sa madaliang pagdinig at paghuhusga kay Corona. Mukha pa lang ng
    mga galamay ni Pilato na tulad ni Tupas, Umali at ng nasabing si Banal
    na pawang mga Hudas ng Tongreso, kasama na ang utak nasi Ochoa
    na namumuno sa pag paplano, at sa huli ay ibibigay nalang sa walang
    Isip at utak Lugaw nasi Pilato na may sariling Mundo, dahil alam nila
    na sunudsunuran lang si Pilato dahil sa wala ito sa tamang pag iisip.

    Malaking kahihiyan ang Hyatt 10 dahil silang lahat ay masahol pa kay Gloria
    sa Kawalang kahihiyan sa paghuhudas sa Bayan. Di ata lumulutang o
    nagsasalita si Hontiveros marahil siguro sa kahihiyan.

  10. Beyond reasonable doubt most people enter politics not to serve their constituents but to serve themselves by converting public funds into personal funds. However no matter how guilty an accused is he/she would remain innocent in the absence of official documents, reputable witnesses and tangible evidences. These are the reasons why most Marcos-era politicians are roaming free and presumed innocent because the official documents had been burned, reputable witnesses had been executed and tangible evidences had been destroyed. Hence we should remain vigilant that these unfortunate events would not happen again.

  11. Did you say the president has the power if he wanted to have her released, if he has that power he shouldnt have. When there is charges ( especialy of this importance ) in most countries the law would have to take its course, the president or the prime minister would have no say whatsoever over it. Why would you give someone that power as have you not heard absolute power corrupts, its a very important saying that should be said every single day in the philippines.
    Now of course he should resign & if he doesnt he should be forced out. But doesnt every single perosn of power say similar things when accused of something. But there is lots of corrobative evidence here to convict all or most that are implicated.

  12. Watch out, A-bad will surely shift loyalty, that is one of his cop-out abilities. Dyan sya noted.

  13. It looks like the MAJORITY of our elected goverment officials are involved in this PDAF scandal.

    Who can we trust now? If they have any delicadeza left, they should RESIGN their positions now. Nakakahiya!!

    We are supposed to be a Christian country and these are supposedly Christians, Catholic Christians!! Did their faith not mean anything to them? Can they bring their stolen wealth (or any wealth for that matter) when they face Our Lord?

    It looks like the teachings of the Church had not penetrated their thick skulls at all.

    God help us and God help our country!!

  14. If Abad is guilty then guilty then sila PNoy, Drilon, and Mar. The fault of one is the fault of all. Di ba sila ang mga top honchos sa LP? Di ba si Abad din ang inilagay ni Mar na maging mole sa PGMA gov’t para mag Hyatt 10? Di ba sila din ang nag orchestrate sa DAP/ PDAF bribery para ma impeach si CJ Corona? Hang ’em high na, now na!

  15. Totally agree with you this time Mr. Tiglao, Abad must and should resign from his post. Alcala and Abaya should also resign from their respectively position .

  16. Jose A. Oliveros on

    Decency is not in the vocabulary of the Abad family; much more delicadeza, judging from the comment of Abad’s wife, now a Batanes Congresswoman which has gone viral in the social media. That they do not know the meaning, nuance and implications of “decency” and “delicadeza” is evident from the fact that Florencio “Butch” Abad is Budget Secretary, his wife Henedina is Batanes Congresswoman, their daughter Julia is Head of the Presidential Management Staff with the rank of Cabinet Secretary, a son is Chief of Staff of Finance Secretary Purisima and a son-in-law is occupying another important government position. Everything is really relative; meaning ibinibigay na lahat sa kamag-anak; truly A BAD example; A BAD precedent.

  17. I am with you Mr Tiglao, A-BAD has to go and it is a VERY URGENT requirement.

  18. Carl Cid Inting on

    Abad was certainly the mastermind of DAP. For that alone, Abad should be charged with plunder!

  19. Kristonyo de Dios on


    P—PENOY aka
    F—Friends of PENOY aka NOYNOYING

  20. Mr. Florencio Abad should be prosecuted not just resign. Former PM of Israel was meted imprisonment for 6 years after being found to have committed corruption while he was Mayor of Jerusalem. PM of Italy went to jail for his corruption and why can’t Florencio Abad be send to jail. The rule of law has to be implemented and executed and the old ways of governance has to change. Reform for a prosperous and progressive Philippines. Just to remind all Filipinos you have one life to live and die in honor and dignity. Your choice to be either evil or a good person.

  21. May utak pa rin ang mga adviser ni noynoy,si abad ang pinaka-obviou s.At mahirap itago ang baho,sina Ochoa,drilon at roxas ay hindi masyadong halata,sacrifice na lang muna ngayon si abad at ang ibang partido,.lahat ay gagawin ni noynoy para pigilin pa ang pagkalat sa lahat ng kanyang alagad!!

  22. Only gullible people will believe ABad’s protestations.

    Abad is a professional scammer, kaya nga pressional tutor ni Napoles eh. ABad’s blunder is that he only denied those monies that Napoles loaned him where ABad used the Batanes Cooperative as a vehicle for his own pork scams. ABad asserted that the concerned cooperative already denied the transaction alleging that there are no official records. Of course, why should Batanes Cooperative record a scam, in the first place? Had anyone asked how much did ABad profit? Out of 4 million he borrowed from Napoles, ABad returned 6 million. This can only be possible if the whole transaction is bogus with fraudulent documentation. Namumuhunan lang ng laway si ABad, what a charlatan, indeed.

    Yet, ABad did not deny the damning details of Napoles/ accusation. Napoles positively identified the person who introduced ABad to her, who is a certain Mr. Jardin. She even identified the place of their first meeting which is a Japanese restaurant in Shangrila Hotel. She also identified the second place where they met and gave ABad another 2 million. It was in Cravings. Did ABad deny the meetings? No of course not. He is playing safe because after all Napoles can prove these meeting that indeed took place. The reality is, ABad was only relying on the assertion of the Batanes Cooperative which of course will defend him to Darkness since it is also involved and part of the scam. By gulay.

  23. Adriann F. Mirabueno on

    If the allegations by Janet Napoles against Florencio Abad are true…
    That is just so disgusting!

  24. Migs Doromal on

    The ties that bind.

    Rene Villa is a known protege of one of LP’s (Laging Palpak) Three Kings – Franklin Drilon. The other kings being Mar “Palengke” Roxas and Butch “Holdap to!” Abad.

    Rene Villa, erstwhile losing LP congressional candidate in Iloilo’s 4th district acted as counsel of Janet Lim Napoles in the past.

    Mila Serrano Drilon, Frank’s wife is a close friend of Janet Napoles.

    No wonder Frank Drilon’s name is not on the list. So, is the Secretary General of the LP, Rep. Niel Tupaz and of course, Frank’s UP Law classmate and erstwhile attack dog of Mar Roxas –>>> MIRIAM SANTIAGO.

    There is another link to Boy Sisi and not via Butch Abad. Try Jojo Ochoa.


    Much has been heard about the pork barrel scam. It is now clear that the pork
    barrel fund was used to impeach Corona which is bribery, a culpable violation
    of the constitution. It was clear too that it was this abnoy who spearheaded and
    instigated the impeachment by bribing members of congress into railroading
    the impeachment process. Why is the Supreme Court too is very slow in
    deciding the DAP? Are these justices too became lackeys of Aquino? If these
    justices only act sooner, then it would be much easier to determine if what
    these corrupt officials in the likes of abnoy and abad did constitute a betrayal
    of public trust and therefore they should be impeach and thrown to jail. Are
    we now made to believed that huge or mammoth government funds can now
    be spent without the concurrence and approval of the heads of agencies. Common,
    one should understand the theory of “Command Responsibility”. Even these
    justices in the Supremed Court should act with dispatch and not dillydally the
    DAP case that was brought before it. Or, are they waiting for something too?
    I am only inquiring why this DAP is taking too long.

    • The SC is doing a balancing act because is it will bring the administration down which is too chaotic if it happens at this time. Perhaps it will dillydally for as long as it can and come up with an advserse decision when it is no longer practical to impeach the Abnoy.

    • Well … when the people supported the Ampao President in removing Corona … the people technically allowed him to annex the SC to Malacanang.

      No thanks to the unqualified female replacement with too many conficts in of interest as CJ.

  26. I hope Abad will make a U-turn and spill the beans against his “daang matuwid” colleagues. That way, sama sama na sila sa hukay. Go go Abad go. Iniwan ka na ng amo mo, idamay mo na din mga kasama ham mo.

  27. SELF-RIGHTEOUS, BLOOD-SUCKING, DEMONIC HYPOCRITES – that’s what the Yellows are!!