• ‘Pork’ contractor from Forbes ex-lawmaker’s mistress?


    What’s this I heard from the rumor mill that one of the nieces-in-law of a controversial business tycoon is also a mistress of a former lawmaker from the Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela (CAMANAVA) area?

    The story goes something like this: “Ex-congressman” met this pretty early 40’s woman, a mother of three and niece-in-law of this Filipino-Chinese billionaire, in the House of Representatives several years ago.

    The woman, whom we will call “Miss Gay T.,” is a contractor, just like Janet Lim-Napoles, looking for money through the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of lawmakers to fund her bogus foundations or fictitious non-government organizations (NGO).

    Soon afterwards, “ex-congressman” and “Miss Gay T.” started their whirlwind romance unknown to their respective families and friends.

    The illegal affair of the two got even stronger when the lover-lawmaker started channeling his millions of “pork barrel” to the foundations and NGOs of his contractor-mistress but using another individual, a certain “Aling Evelyn M.” as a front.

    From then on, “Aling Evelyn M.” became their liaison, just like Benhur Luy, to other lawmakers in the House of Representatives and Senate. She had the job of getting the signatures of lawmakers and paying them off.

    And just like Janet Napoles’ operations, the hundreds of millions, if not billions, of “pork barrel” funds cornered by “Miss Gay T.” and her trusted lieutenant, “Aling Evelyn M.” went to the pockets of several lawmakers and herself.

    After all, the supposed projects funded by the PDAF are non-existent or the money did not reach the intended beneficiaries.

    However, the love story of the lawmaker and the lady contractor did not last long. They called it quits when the term of the congressman from CAMANAVA ended a few years back.

    Rumor also has it that “Miss Gay T.” and “Aling Evelyn M.” parted ways too after the latter carted away more than P200 million intended for the lawmakers’ advance payments for their “commissions.” Miss Gay has sued Aling Evelyn in court for estafa.

    Meanwhile, “Miss Gay T.” is now enjoying the fruits of her labor and the money of the people in her huge mansion in Forbes Park in Makati City where she also keeps several luxury vehicles.


    * * *

    Who is ‘Nitas Ingacio’at road board?

    For starters, alias “Nitas Ingacio” is a bigtime contractor. But unlike Janet Lim Napoles, Ruby Tuason, and others, “Nitas Ingacio” has nothing to do with the priority development assistance fund (PDAF) of the lawmakers.

    A former official of the Road Board who requested anonymity said Ingacio has cornered all the big and juicy projects of the agency worth over several billions of pesos during the former administration.

    The Road Board is an agency under the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). It gets its funds from the Road User’s Tax that is being collected by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) from the millions of applicants for drivers’ licenses and people registering their vehicles.

    Road Board funds are used for the construction of highways and road repairs.

    My source explained that the reason Ingacio got all the big projects was because of the huge “commissions” she allegedly gives to its officials.

    Unfortunately, the projects handled by Ingacio are said to be substandard because a big portion of the funds were to Road Board officials and herself.

    Nitas Ingacio is said to have lain low since reports of the PDAF scam broke.

    If only we can send all these contractors who stole our money to jail right away.


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    1. jose hernani m. parco on

      just another case of “wherever there’s money around there will be crooks”!

    2. a possible way to solve this mess is an establishment of peoples or kangaroo courts to give swift & efficient justice to those who are accused of such crimes