• pork lasting the rest of Aquino’s term


    This rally should be supported by all sect of religions (Catholics, Iglesia ni Cristo, JIl, Protestants, Aglipayans, Assembly of God, Watch Tower Society, and others. If the Churches will unite and fill the Luneta Park to demand the resignations of those government officials who misuse the money of the people, only then we can expect result. The President should lead the way – others will surely follow to walk the way of “Tuwid na daan” . Then and only then, we can say “kung walang corrupt walang mahirap”.
    Alejo Rosete

    the aquino administration is truly right on its decision not to be bothered by the criticisms, speculations, comments and opinions of mr. oscar cruz, in other words…dedma lang…


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    1. joebert banderas on

      Ang solution sa corruption death penalty,kasi walang takot ang tao upang magnakaw e kahit religious leaders corrupt din.