Pork’s Hall of Shame


It’s high time that this “Pork Barrel” should be completely abolished, with no replacement whatsoever, in any other name or form. Government projects should be handled by the central government, not by elected politicians, because at the end of the day, this is what happens… pocket the money, use that money to buy votes, then, build their own political dynasty to cling on to power. How many politicians ended up poor? NONE. And those who became richer and richer? All of them.

They say that you cannot enter into politics anymore without millions to spend. Take for example, the last election. One was said to had spent P70M!!! Okay, Why is that politician willing to spend that much? And where did that millions come from?

They claim that most of these monies come from political backers. But why are these backers willing to give millions for a politician? Personal interests! Once voted in, then payback time.

No wonder why the poor here gets poorer and the rich gets richer and richer. And the rich comprises of just a few families. Most of them are into politics!!!
Bien, bien_4you@yahoo.co.uk

Pag dating ng Election para silang mga santo at santa pag nanalo na sila at nakuna nanila ang gusto nila kanya kanya na sila ng kuha sa kaban ng bayan. Sino ba ang pinakamaraming lupain sa Pilipinas? ordinayong pinoy ba? sa isang maduming palayok sino ang hindi nalagyan ng uling? lahat ng humawal..siguro sa 100 na pulitiko 1 lang ang matino.. sino kaya un? sana minsan bigyan nila ng delikadesa ang sarili nila.. try nila mag hara-kiri..sabagay pansamantala lang naman ang yaman nila pag dating ng pag huhukom sya na ang bahala..magbago na ka yu hangat maaga pa…
Dennis Mendoza, sinnedazodnem@yahoo.com


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  1. “Pork” may not go beyond the senator or congressman concerned suggesting to the appropriate national govt agency concerned under approved rules and guidance the nature and extent of projects/programs/activities to be undertaken under the PDAF. That way the people/constituencies would see very transparently how the PDAF funds were used.