• Pork’s Hall of Shame


    Department of Pork (DePork). That’s the biggest government department.

    Pork barrel is the biggest business of government. It refers to unprogrammed and discretionary funds of President BS Aquino, Vice President Jejomar Binay, and 289 congressmen and 24 senators to finance their pet projects most of which are whimsical or, worse, non-existent.

    Not subject to rigid scrutiny, pork is money pocketed mainly by officials on a grand scale and in scandalous amounts.

    Total pork barrel allocation in the 2014 budget of P475.69 billion: 11 P449.95 billion for President Aquino, P500 million for VP Binay, and P25.24 billion pork for Congress.

    If P475.69 billion of pork were abolished, the Bureau of Internal Revenue would not need to collect 43 percent of its P1.1 trillion tax effort.

    If the P475.69 billion were removed from the budget, you could abolish the incorrigibly corrupt Bureau of Customs, which collects yearly taxes and duties of P269 billion or 56.5 percent of DePork’s P475.69 billion budget.

    Can you imagine the reduction in corruption if the BIR and Customs were either slimmed down or abolished?

    With a P475.69 billion budget, DePork is

    — 1.41 times bigger than the P336.9-billion budget of the Department of Education (which educates 23.85 million children in public kinder, elementary and high school);

    — 2.22 times the P213.5-billion budget of the Department of Public Works and Highways (which this year promises to pave 15,872 kms of arterial roads);

    — 3.51 times the P135.4-billion budget of the Department of Interior and Local Government (which pays the salary of 146,000 policemen),

    — 3.88 times the P123.1-billion budget of the Department of National Defense (which pays the salary of 130,000 soldiers and defends the national territory from Chinese intrusions),

    — 8.56 times the P87.1-billion budget of the Department of Health,

    — 6.33 times the P80.7-billion budget of the Department of Agriculture,

    — 8.42 times the P79-billion budget of the Department of Social Welfare and Development which next year will try to help 4.44 million families with cash doleouts.

    The P475.69 pork is bigger than the combined P472 billion budget of three departments: DPWH, DILG and DND, meaning it is enough to pave 15,872 kilometers of roads, pay the salaries of 146,000 policemen and 130,000 soldiers, with money to spare to double the P27.62 billion spent for AFP Modernization in the past three years.

    The P475.69 billion can finance the entire P400-billion infra budget of government for 2014, with more than P75 billion left to help additional 4.2 million dirt poor families with cash doleouts. The P475 billion can pay the salaries of two-thirds of government personnel in a year.

    Yet, how many people will spend the P475.69 billion? Just 315 people—the president, vice president, 24 senators and 289 congressmen.

    At least 200 of these people (Aquino included) and their relatives have been in power for the past quarter century.

    What did we get for their public service? A poverty incidence that has remained at 30 percent of the population (equivalent to 26 million Filipinos), hunger for half of the population, unemployment or underemployment for 12 million Filipinos, and one of the worst income inequality ratios in the world.

    In the past 14 years, the world halved average poverty from 1999 levels. The Philippines did not.

    Who pocketed the most pork money during 2007 to 2009 alone? Collated from the COA Report, here are the legislators who made it to the




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    1. Itong mga nakaupo galit kay Pres.Marcos, yan pala mas grabe ang ginagawa nila ngayon at sa mas maiksing panahon.

    2. These government officials must be subjected to community service before the court case on “pork barrel scam” starts. Each official adopts “mag-ampon” at least 25 poor families from their area and provide their basic needs..food, shelter and clothing for the next 5 years, all days, year round, to lessen their injustices done to the poor…

      Don’t let them pay their attorney, let the people be the judge!!

    3. May I ask if Sen. Tito Sotto is really not on this list? Does that mean that he is not one of the abusers in this issue? My apologies to all I haven’t been home for quite some time so my idea on this matter is not as good as yours. Thanks……

    4. We should hire an expat or a private company to run the government. This way our finances will be managed in a more effective and efficient manner.

    5. Omg no one knew of the extent of the money collected used and leaked. But government always increase taxes and take into conideration tax leakages in the Customs and BIR. How much money is misdirected every year? OMG

    6. Corruption….It’s Better In The Philippines….starring…Revilla, Estrada….. Sounds like a movie done by these one trick ponies, aging movie stars.

    7. dapat lahat ng nangurakot ay makulong, para maayos ang ating bansa, ang ating bansa ay hindi nahuhuli sa kaunlaran, lamang ay ninanakaw ng ating mga pinagkatiwalaan, imagine nagbabayad ka ng tax para ibulsa ng mag ito, hoy maawa naman kayo sa mga bumoto sa inyo, hanggat hindi naayos ito, magpapatuloy ang kahirap sa ating bansa, mapapatuloy ang pagpapaalila, at pangaabuso sa ating ng ibang bansa, kasi lumalabas na tanga tayo tinatanga tayo ng mga taong pinagkatiwalaan natin, panahon na para parusahan ang nagkasala, masahol pa sila sa mga riding in tadem na nagnanakaw at pumapatay, sila maramihan kung pumatay ang taong bayan, na nagugutom,nagpapalila,inaabuso at kabataang hindi makapagaral, they deaf and blind and less than a dignity of a sick animal, it is timefor us to react, persecute,persecute all of them, Shaw our .anger, stand out for our country and not someone country, fight against them to correct our society, don’t be afraid they are blood sucking animals of our country

    8. Looks incomplete. I’ve been hearing certain names that have been mentioned in various reports over and over that are not here.

    9. The problem in your PARAMETERS OF USING A PORK BARREL is all must be use in infrastructure, how can we be benefited from your guidelines if we are in Municipalities that the basic work is from fishing and farming, we barely go to the city. Our roads and municipalities are in order already…. So what now ? Do we need to make road just to use the fund …. my GOD

    10. Remove all pork barrel……..to eradicate collusion between the POLITICIANS, COA and IMPLEMENTING AGENCY (NAPOLES and alike) ..
      form a transparent agency that will take care the needs of politicians because they need to perform also in their given district. Remember they also need to help their constituent bec they them selves is voted by people to serve them and help them.

    11. baboy ka janet on

      Remove all senators and congressmen, they are proven already that they misused and stole their PDAP time to start massive revolution,,,mas mabuting mamamatay na tayong lahat para ipag laban ang ating karapatan kaysa naman mamamatay tayo dahil ninanakaw nila ang ating perang pinaghirapan.

      • i agree with you dapat na talagang mag revolution tayo. Di na goverment for the people and by the people but for them in the government na.

    12. di lang yu8ng dating administration kundi pati na rin ang curent goverment, at sana walang papaboran ang batas dito