• Porsche Mission E goes into production in 2020


    E1---Porsche-MIssion-E20160112New car a clear statement of the brand’s future

    The name says it all – the Porsche Mission E aims to take the high-performance, electric-car market by storm, going up against the Tesla Model S when it is launched in five years.

    The company said its supervisory board has approved the Mission E for production, three months after the concept version debuted at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September last year. In preparation for this, Porsche also said it will be investing around €700 million (approximately P36.5 billion) into its Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen plant over the next few years for a new paint shop, a new assembly plant, a larger body shop and an expanded engine factory to accommodate the production of electric motors. The added capital is expected to create more than 1,000 new jobs at the plant.

    In addition, investments worth $200 million (around P9.48 billion) will also go into the Weissach Development Center to construct a more advanced wind tunnel, an upgraded design center and an electronics integration center.

    “With Mission E, we are making a clear statement about the future of the brand. Even in a greatly changing motoring world, Porsche will maintain its front-row position with this fascinating sports car,” said Wolfgang Porsche, supervisory board chairman of Porsche AG.

    Over 500-km range, 0-100 kph in 3.5 seconds
    The overall effort aims to produce an all-electric, four-door sedan with four individual seats and a 600-horsepower power system. The company said Mission E will go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.5 seconds and provide more than 500 kilometers of driving range.

    Porsche said the lithium-ion batteries integrated within the vehicle floor will be charged via an 800-volt charger specially developed for the car, which can provide 400 kilometers of driving range after just 15 minutes. The vehicle can optionally be “refuelled” wirelessly by induction via a coil set into the garage floor.

    In comparison, the top-specification Tesla Model S P85D has five seats (with two, rear-facing child seats as options) and a combined power output of 762 horsepower, which propels it from 0-97 kph in 3.1 seconds (2.8 seconds in ‘Ludicrous’ mode) while providing up to 432 kilometers of range. In addition, Tesla said its “Supercharger” system can provide 274 kilometers of driving range from 30 minutes of charging.

    Using the concept car as basis, the production Mission E that will be unveiled in 2020 could have all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering and a holographic display that uses gestures to control the car’s functions.


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