Porsche Ph plays host to Porsche ASPAC sales training


Not just anyone can be part of the top-notch Porsche sales force. To be worthy of representing the hallowed Stuttgart name, sales consultants’ abilities must be up to speed much like the peerless vehicles of Porsche. Regardless of where they are, a Porsche sales consultant needs to abide by standards second to none.
The creation of the Porsche Global Certification System (PGCS) thus reflects the automaker’s earnest efforts at equipping its customer-facing workforce with the skills and tools to effectively convey the tenets of Brand Porsche. It is the first company in the industry to conceive of and implement such a global effort.

The PGCS is about staying true to a high bar of customer experience anywhere in the world where Porsche vehicles and products are sold. It also creates a “framework for all future training” through touchstones delivered consistently throughout Porsche’s wide breadth of activities.

Thus, it was significant that Porsche Philippines play host to PGCS Qualification training sessions administered by Porsche Asia Pacific (PAP) with Nick Wilson as main trainer. Wilson is the brand and strategy manager at Porsche Cars Great Britain. Also present was Daniel Kalai, PAP regional training manager. Holding the event in the country underscored the importance of the Philippines as a market for Porsche.

Sales consultants Sanith Chan from Cambodia, Elain Tan from Singapore, Rustom Yusuf from Sri Lanka, Jason Philips and Sarun Suebsaeng from Thailand, and Huong Nguyen Ngoc, Anh Phan Tai, Lieu Lu Thi Bich and Thi Nguyen Thuy Khanh from Vietnam joined David Gomez, Raffy de Leon, Mary Anne Espinosa, Manuel Montilla, Ervin Villafranca, and Bryan Ellamil from the Philippines in undergoing intensive basic in August 10 to 13 and advanced in September 21 to 24.

“I think my fellow participants will agree with my opinion that the sessions were extremely eye-opening, even for longtime sales people. It made us appreciate the brand even more and, ultimately, what we need to do to convey its virtues to each person we face through a professional sales process. It’s all about sharing our passion about the Porsche brand polished even more through the training,” shared Porsche Philippines Sales Manager David Gomez.

The eight-day training sessions in total focused on the sales skills required to be a Porsche Sales Consultant. The final step for attendees is completing the PGCS Final Audit, to ensue at a later date.


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