Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia 2.0 celebrates new facility, graduation of scholars


German Ambassador to the Philippines Dr. Gordon Kricke (second from left), PGA Cars Chairman Robert Coyiuto Jr. (center) and Porsche AG Director for After Sales Market Qualifcation and Support Dr. Stefan Lutz (second from right), during the inauguration of PTRCA’s new training facility at Don Bosco Technical Institute, Makati City.

It has been a decade since the Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia (PTRCA) was established, and many have indeed benefited from the visionary program’s end-to-end solution for underprivileged unemployment.

The Philippines saw the establishment of the PTRCA in April 2008, made possible through the initiative of PGA Cars Chairman Robert Coyiuto Jr., and the support of Porsche and Don Bosco. The program provides world class training and financial sponsorship to underprivileged but deserving young Filipinos to become highly-skilled Porsche Service Mechatronics specialists.

In 2015, PTRCA launched the expansion of its program to cater to other German brands Volkswagen and Audi. The program name was appended with “2.0” to reflect the extension of its training to other job profiles such as body technicians and service advisors.

“It has always been important to Porsche to combine economic success with social responsibility,” said Stefan Lutz, Porsche director for After-Sales Market Qualification and Support. “And this is not a contradiction, but a part of the Porsche philosophy.”

The PTRCA underscored its success with the inauguration of a new learning facility at the Don Bosco Technical Institute (DBTI) in Makati. The new PTRCA facility, measuring about 1,200 square meters, is comprised of a workshop area and lecture rooms. The modern learning environment effectively facilitates the technical training school’s goal of providing aspiring young Filipinos access to education and training, courtesy of the most technologically advanced German high-performance sports car brand in the world.

The PTRCA is not only the first of its kind outside of Germany but is unique in a way that its training program includes courses in English communication and an orientation on cultural integration. These adequately prepare trainees to adapt to a foreign working environment.

More importantly, the PTRCA assures its graduates of high-paying jobs in the VW Group dealer network by undertaking recruitment and job placement tasks.

The selection process for choosing the final Porsche scholars is conducted by the PTRCA using structured interview guidelines. Once selected, the students would then go through the specialized 24-month training curriculum.

Recently, 60 Filipino scholars of Porsche proudly marched on their graduation day held at the DBTI. Coyiuto, Peter Kompalla, executive director of the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Porsche officials, and distinguished guests from the German embassy attended the program to personally congratulate PTRCA 2.0’s first batch of graduates.

Students awarded
Students with exemplary performance were awarded during the commencement exercises with Coyiuto and Katharina Barlow from the German embassy giving out their medals. A total of 14 students received recognition for their achievements with this year’s Technical Excellence Awardee Mark Joseph Milaya speaking on behalf of PTRCA 2.0’s graduating class. In his speech, he nostalgically looked back on all their experiences as a trainee and how as a batch they do not give up on any challenge, adding that they “tend to look for solutions and adjust to any situation.”

“It is with programs such as the PTRCA, that we provide the underprivileged youth a good base for training, provide meaningful work, and build human capital. Critical to nation building is inclusive growth, where no one is left behind,” Coyiuto said.

Futhermore, the PTRCA 2.0 program has gained numerous recognition in its first few years of implementation. The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry has bestowed upon the program the Training Innovation Award for sustainability transferability and effectiveness in its 2015 Vocational Training Awards. It has also been given the silver award in the education and training division of the Society of Philippine Motoring Journalists’ (SPMJ) Driven to Serve Awards 2016.

PTRCA has been given accolades for Nationalism for two straight years during Top Gear Philippines’ 2016 and 2017 STIG Awards, recognizing the program’s significant contributuion to the Filipino underpriveleged youth.

Thanks to the continuous efforts of Porsche, PGA Cars and DBTI to provide quality vocational education to young Filipinos, PTRCA 2.0’s first batch of graduates will step into a new chapter of their lives as Porsche skilled workers with salaries at par to international standards.


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