Port collectors hit in the first wave of Customs revamp


Finally, the much-awaited revamp at the Bureau of Customs has begun and the opening salvo targeted all the port and sub-port collectors nationwide, sparing no scared cows including the so-called “Three Kings.”

Customs chief Ruffy Biazon disclosed that he issued a memorandum directing all district and sub-port collectors “to relinquish their current assignment or designation in writing on or before Monday, 29 July 2013.” The momorandum added: “All assignments or desginations shall be considered relinquished upon acceptance or action by the undersigned.”

When questions were raised pertaining to the alleged “Three Kings,” Biazon shot back: “I recognize no kings in the bureau. If you’re referring to the major 17 ports, then you have 17 kings but I recognize no kings,” adding that he is focused on implementing the reform agenda for the bureau.

According to the Customs rumor mill, the port collectors dubbed as “Three Kings” are those collectors asigned to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), Port of Manila (POM) and the Manila International Container Port (MICP).

It was also revealed that since Biazon’s resignaton was turned down by the President, thereby giving him a fresh mandate as the top honcho at the bureau, he has not talked with the chief executive but the agreed reform agenda for BOC remains intact.

The next wave of reshuffle will involve Customs examiners. In the on-going shakeup, Customs offficials who have long regarded their postings as “comfort zones” over the years will most likely be affected.

In particular, those who have fell short in their revenue collection targets and not satisfactory in their overall performance will be included in the reshuffle.

In line with the current reshuffle, a quarterly performance audit among top-ranking Customs officials and personnel will be strictly enforced.

Biazon made the disclosure about the agency revamp shortly after presenting to media the seizure of P19 million worth of illegally imported used vehicles, a motorcycle, used truck tires, dinner wares, including a semi-submarine and 14 container vans of hazardous scrap materials at the MICP.

“We will go after all those involved in these smuggling attempts, whether they are from the BOC or from the private sector, if only to put smugglers and their cohorts behind bars, Biazon said. PNA


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  1. Eduardo T Ibañez on

    I hope this shakeup is a good start.

    Let all Filipinos share in honesty and transparency.