Portes: Mum on Who’s better, Nora or Vilma



PLUS: TV crew heaves sigh of relief fussy PFP now out of network
LIKE THE late iconic cineastes Lino Brocka, Ishmael Bernal and Danny Zialcita, director Gil Portes is also privileged to have worked with the country’s premiere actresses Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos – Ate Guy in Andrea, Paano Ba Ang Maging Isang Ina? and Ate Vi in Miss X.

Promoting his latest film Ang Hapis At Himagsik Ni Hermano Puli (the movie opens tomorrow starring Aljur Abrenica), Portes noted with euphoric fondness the finale scene in Santos’ movie shot in Amsterdam.

“In the scene Vilma’s leading man Mark Gil was shot to death out in the cold. I instructed Vilma, not just to cry over Mark’s dead body but to wail. As she was doing the scene, ‘I was shouting, ‘More! More!’ as I wanted her to make me feel the intense pain of a tragic death. Expectedly, Vilma was able to deliver just that, but I could see her shiver in cold. What when you’re wearing bare back in freezing cold, who’s not gonna shiver? When Vilma could no longer endure the cold, it was she who cut the scene herself, she cursed, ‘Son of a b—tch, I’m gonna die freezing! Direk, cut na!’”

The rivalry through the years PHOTO FROM JIRITS.PH

The rivalry through the years PHOTO FROM JIRITS.PH

But as far as he’s concerned, who—in his heart of hearts—does Portes believe is a better actress, Nora or Vilma?

There was a long, disturbing silence, “Naku, it’s hard to tell. But let me just quote the late Bernal (who directed Nora in the classic film Himala, and Vilma in Relasyon for which the latter made a Best Actress sweep in all major award-giving bodies).

Apparently playing safe, Portes said, “According to Bernal, Nora has more depth.”

But giving two cents’ worth, Vignettes remarked that Himala and Relasyon differed in genres, ergo, the acting demands were just as different.

Director Gil Portes on set of ‘Hermano Puli’

Director Gil Portes on set of ‘Hermano Puli’

* * *

Blind dates. Having been tipped off about a female house help whose singer-employer (SE) wouldn’t allow her to leave her post, Radyo Singko’s news anchor Nina Taduran personally contacted the woman from Davao.

Taduran—who’s Raffy Tulfo’s co-anchor in Wanted (which airs daily from 2 to 4 p.m.)—earlier received a report that a poor probinsyana is being detained by the SE because of qualified theft. The unidentified Davaoeña, so Vignettes gathered, is SE’s eighth house help in a short span of time.

When reached over the phone for whatever assistance she may need, the somewhat fidgety-sounding househelp, however, flatly denied the “illegal detention” but told Taduran that while she could move around her employer’s house, SE wouldn’t let her go out lest she may have divested her of other valuables.

SE was once part of a major musical production, and has an actress-daughter.

* * *

Guess who? A TV production team can heave a collective sigh of relief now that a popular female personality (PFP) it had worked with for the longest time is no longer with the network.

“We’ve never encountered a co-worker who was such a TV fussy and ratings-conscious,” one of them disclosed referring to PFP, whose program ratings spelled a big deal.

“Whenever she’d report on the set, her standard opening question to us would always be, ‘Did yesterday’s episode rate well?’ But if we honestly told her, ‘Unfortunately, no,’ she’d smirk and she wasn’t in the mood to work anymore. We learned our lesson since then, we wouldn’t tell her the ratings of her show until we were done with the day’s taping.”

Meanwhile, co-workers that PFP left behind—according to a Vignettes source—are one in saying that the TV network simply gave her a dose of her own medicine.

Vignettes’ tipster added, “It has become her habit to take a vacation every time her program would end. And the moment she got back, she was quick to post her thank you message for the network on her social media account. But her latest getaway was different. She was surprised that after thanking the TV station, it thanked her back.”

Reportedly, the anxious PFP cut short her vacation and hurried back home. “And the rest is history,” Vignettes source revealed.


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