What possessed the PNP men at the US Embassy?


WHATEVER demonic spirit possessed those policemen?

Below is a comment by Human Rights Watch’s Carlos H. Conde about the horribly evil deeds of the PNP people involved in the unnecessarily brutal dispersal of demonstrators in front of the US Embassy last Wednesday. We absolutely agree with Mr. Conde, which is why we have adopted his article titled “Lack of Accountability Fuels Impunity,” lightly edited, for this editorial.

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The Philippine National Police has suspended nine officers involved in the violent dispersal of protesters – some of whom were wielding batons and throwing stones – demonstrating in support of President Rodrigo Duterte’s “independent foreign policy” in front of the United States Embassy in Manila on Wednesday. They include the driver of a police vehicle who, as send on video and still images, drove through the center of the crowd, injuring at least 10 protesters, including women and elderly people. The police chief, Director General Ronald de la Rosa, pledged to “swiftly and decisively” investigate the conduct of those officers. During the ensuing melee, pushing, shoving, and rock throwing by angry protesters injured at least 30 police officers. The police also arrested 26 protesters.

The images from outside the US Embassy on Wednesday were painful reminders of past police brutality, including the “Mendiola Massacre” in 1987, and the deadly dispersal of protesters in Kidapawan City in April 2016. A Human Rights Watch investigation in Kidapawan found that police used unnecessary lethal force when they fired into a crowd of protesters, killing two and injuring dozens of others.

The Philippine National Police have long been responsible for serious human rights violations with officers frequently implicated in the excessive use of force and torture of criminal suspects. The police are spearheading President Duterte’s homicidal “war on drugs,” killing an estimated 1,645 suspected drug users and dealers between July 1 and October 15. That dwarfs the 68 killings of suspects police recorded during “anti-drug operations” between January 1 and June 15. Police have attributed the killings to suspects who “resisted arrest and shot at police officers” but dela Rosa has defied calls for an impartial investigation into those deaths.

De la Rosa said that images of the police violence on Wednesday “saddened and angered me. I saw people that got hurt. I really don’t want any Filipino getting hurt.” He can take meaningful measures to help prevent unlawful injuries or deaths by police by initiating thorough and impartial investigations of all such incidents and ensuring that officers implicated in such abuses face prosecution. Failure to do so will only guarantee that the culture of impunity for unlawful police violence continues.


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  1. When you’re a cop and you hear someone tell you that you will be defended in a court of law should you get sued for ‘doing your job,’ well, of course, what do you expect?

  2. They are communist, they even have the audacity to bring woman and elderly in their rallies and when emotions get high the outcome is a disaster and now they blame the police. The commies deserved it. Good for them

  3. bakit hindi masasaktan ang mga pulis eh hindi sila nakasuot ng tamang kasuotan to protect themselves from debris thrown at them. sop na mga raliyista yung pambabato at paghampas ng placard sa mga pulis. template na yon ng mga demonstrador pero bakit walang suot na helmet ang mga pulis sa mga pictures na lumabas? meron lang silang shield at truncheon.

  4. The focus is only on the police car that went through a mob of demonstrators. We should look at the entire picture and not focus on the police car ramming the demonstrators who acted as a menacing mob surrounding the police car in an instant.

    Did you see how they were hitting the car with sticks and throwing paint all over it? Did you not see how they swarmed the car even when it is moving forward and back? If I am the driver seeing how a swarm of menacing rallyist about to overwhelm my position, I will do whatever action I deem possible to protect my safety and that is to move the car so the demonstrators cannot hurt me!

  5. What possessed the protestors to illegally gather, cause property damage, and rush the police? I think the wrong question is being asked.