Possibly the worst crime


PERHAPS there is no crime worse than the sexual exploitation of little poor children. It can be considered worse than murder in some respects because the survivors are invariably scarred for life. Returning to a normal life is most of the time next to impossible.

With this in mind, we are aghast that cybersex rings preying on minors as young as three have been operating in our country. These gangs are composed of nothing less than the worst types of perverts who would do anything for money. But by determinedly victimizing children, they have forfeited, we think, whatever rights they have to exist and co-mingle with decent society.

There is no other place for them except in the National Penitentiary, with no chance for parole.

Think of it. A three year old girl is made to perform acts on camera for the viewing pleasure of perverted animals all over the world. Such a crime becomes all the worse because there are many instances when the parents or older siblings take part in the crime by willingly supplying the victims to the operators of the sick websites.

Here is one example where poverty is never, never, never an excuse.

We recall some decades ago when the parents of teens and pre-teens in Pagsanjan were found to be serving as pimps for their children for the benefit of the Western pedophiles who “adopted” their kin.

Oh yes, they did live in nice houses, and could give various excuses to anyone who ever found out that some nice foreigner would frequently visit the country and share a room with their children.

That practice has since been minimized, if not outright eradicated. But in its wake are other forms of extreme exploitation of Filipino minors, this time with the aid of technology.

Cybersex cannot exist without the Internet. At the dawn of the Internet age, one of the evils it brought forth was an explosion on the availability of pornography. Soon enough, the net was used as a way to spread prostitution.

It is one thing for a man or a woman to willingly enter this line of work. The income can be huge and the turnover of clients is fast.

But child prostitution is inexcusable because the children who are forced into it are innocents in every sense of the word. Anyone who willingly victimizes them is hell bound. An eternity in hell is the only fitting punishment for them.

Still, in the here and now, it is not enough to keep close tabs on them as the government says it is doing.

We must take issue with Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma who says that the government is doing everything to stop the human trafficking of minors who end up as prostitutes with the help of technology.

The “everything” Mr. Coloma speaks of is clearly not enough.

The child pornography ring that was unearthed days ago means that such crime syndicates had been operating for too long. Whether it is weeks, months, or years, all the time that they were in operation means that countless Filipino children were being exploited to the hilt.

Another consideration is that some local government officials and local police authorities must have had knowledge of the pornographic business going on in their territory. NBI men and women and police officers with better consciences and love of country must help find everyone who knew of but tolerated the despicable work of this child-sex on-the-web business.

This is one crime that should not be allowed to even exist in the Philippines. Anyone engaged in it deserves no mercy. If the truly guilty ones were suddenly found floating in the Pasig River in large numbers, we can only feel sorry for the fish and the bottom dwellers that will have to feed on them.


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  1. Primer Pagunuran on

    Plainly speaking, the professed child pornography cannot be worse than murders.

    Lastly, I find the last sentence of that editorial writer rather too gross, namely: “If the truly guilty ones were suddenly found floating in the Pasig River in large numbers, we can only feel sorry for the fish and the bottom dwellers that will have to feed on them.”

    To be realistic about it, the internet is not bad per se.

    Neither are parents who may have allowed their children to sleep with foreigners for money or allowed their young kids to oblige on cam. For these people, such offers might be a blessing from the snake pit they are in.

  2. Another exceptional achievement of the Lord of the Pork ChiNoy.

    Under his regime, child pornography has become the number one crime in the Philippines. Were it not for the hard work of the foreign agents from UK, Australia, and other countries, the PNP would not have been exposed sleeping on the job.

    Congrats ChiNoy, may the Lord of the Pork rule forever.