The post midnight verdict: The shoe does not fit



Good news that got buried behind crime and political stories:

“PH shares surge to new high for 2017.”

“NEDA: Inflation remains in check at 3.4% in April”

“Amanpulo a world-class luxury beach resort” – The Financial Times.

“1st Pinoy short film competes at Cannes Film Fest – “Jodilerks Dela Cruz, Employee of the Month”

“Fitch affirms PH investment grade rating.”

“4 PH islands top World’s Friendliest list” – Travel + Leisure magazine

* * *

Pinoys supportive of death penalty revival, according to Pulse Asia. Sen. Franklin Drilon said the death penalty is dead. The patient is yet to check in and he declared it dead. Good thing he is not a doctor.

* * *

With Gina Lopez disqualified, talk about lobby money has been going around in coffee shops. It sure is “money” for hotel lobbies where these crowds congregate for coffee chats.

* * *

One thing is sure. Forthcoming candidates for the DENR position will be measured and compared with the feisty lady. She left huge footprints the size of which shoe stores may not have in their inventories.

* * *

While her credibility was in question, it was the CA members who eventually received the same set of questions from the public. Appointed by PRRD, the question that’s foremost in our minds is why was Gina’s appointment supported by almost all members of the opposition and thumbed down by majority of his allies?

* * *

Gina Lopez surely made a mark with her now famous passionate, unorthodox and radical views on the environment. But what probably did her in was her seemingly unconventional way of instituting reforms beyond the restrictive confines of the law. It is really difficult to convince the mining industry leaders that they will be given a fair shake based on her initial actions seemingly riddled by pre-meditated contempt on the industry.

* * *

I disagree with the opinions of some political pundits that her appointment was a knee-jerk decision. PRRD re-appointed her, and I think this was not a PR move on his part. His campaign notes clearly included his hatred for the exploitation of the marginalized sector of society.

* * *

I wish that every confirmation or rejection should come up with (written) individual explanation or justification why lawmakers voted that way. This will enlighten the public and avoid misplaced judgments based on speculative thoughts.

* * *

Yes, Agnes Callamard’s visit is not official. Yet she delivered a speech that “sounded official.” What hat was she wearing during her “educational” engagement” here in PH?

* * *

Progress in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been impressive in the last five years. It is now being utilized in robotics, driverless cars, industrial automation, voice and image recognition, intuitive neural assessment, language auto translation, and machine learning. Cynics say that we have been at it for decades as it is widely used in public service.

* * *

It is quite amusing to note that there are groups decrying freedom of the press in our country, ignoring the fact that their rants, complaints and street protests are being printed or covered in all media outlets.

* * *

Sotto bashing went viral not only on social media but even in traditional media outlets. His apology was not enough and was considered by some as “lantern paper-thin” and not sincere. Like his noontime show’s jingle, his remark about Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo is now famous from Aparri to Jolo. “Na-ano” now means “na-bulaga.”

* * *

Manual on eating out in digital Philippines:
1. Check LooLoo or Zomato where to dine.
2. Forget everything but not your smartphone.
3. Check in your location on Facebook, Foursquare or Google map.
4. Tweet everybody where you are.
5. Sit down and check FB or Instagram without talking to each other.
6. Take photos of the food as they are placed on the table.
7. Take selfies or ask waiter to take a group shot.
8. Upload photos on FB, Twitter or Instagram.
9. Tag everyone else.
10. Check the early “likes.”
11. Check early “comments.”
12. Pick photo that’s worth changing profile picture
13.Pick up the tab without tipping the waiter who took your photos.

* * *

I remember Benigno S. Aquino 3rd warning the Filipino people about a looming Marcos-type dictatorship when Mayor Digong was campaigning. I can only say “look who’s talking.”

Isn’t it dictatorial to coerce and blackmail an Ombudsman to resign, dictate on Congress to impeach a sitting Chief Justice for a mere misdeclaration of SALN just because he ruled with finality the distribution of his family’s hacienda?

Isn’t it dictatorial to bypass the chain of command and allow the SAF44 to be massacred and sacrificed?

Isn’t it dictatorial to pressure the legislative to approve the Bangsamoro Basic Law and use government funding for its campaign while swallowing the intervention of Malaysia in an internal issue?

Isn’t it dictatorial to impose selective justice in implementing the law to target his enemies and exempt his cohorts?

Isn’t it dictatorial not to comply with the Supreme Court’s decision declaring DAP illegal and to continue using the money under a new name?

Who is the dictator now? At least Marcos used his one-man rule under Martial Law. PNoy did it all in broad daylight in a “democracy” that people power INVENTED disguised as freeing the country from a tyrant but actually reinstating the oligarchs he favored.

* * *

Important reminders for Monday and Tuesday.

Press Conference and Media Tour of the Humanitarian Ship of the Philippine Red Cross.

Formal Inauguration of the ship to be led by President Rodrigo Duterte and PRC Chairman Richard J. Gordon.

Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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