Before any major road trip, we often have our cars checked out by a mechanic to ensure a safe and uneventful drive. We reach our destination, have a good time for a few days, then it’s time to drive back. After unloading your things, the car gets a wash and you go back to work the next day. Then, you plan for next road trip…

That may be alright for some car owners… the drive was alright, nothing major happened. Yes, that is alright, although a post maintenance or check-up wouldn’t hurt. On long road trips, say averaging 80 to 110 kilometers per hour on the highway, that would give the engine a nice workout. Traveling at this speed for sometime would give the engine a chance to flex its muscles and decarbonize the cylinders. A nice underchassis cleaning would be a good idea. The cleaning would remove all the dirt from the trip and may reveal some unseen damage. Fluid leaks, uneven tire wear…. Afterward, it would be wise to inspect the engine bay, check the belts, fluid levels condition of the air filter… just to make sure that everything is alright. It is also a good excuse to give the car a good cleaning inside and out. A coat of wax should top it off.

It’s not really a must but think of it as “preventive maintenance.” There’s no harm in making sure that nothing happens to your car during the road trip. It’s just being prepared.

On another note, I was at the MIAS and I must say it was great. The new car models being offered by the dealers were really desirable. The new models being offered gives you an idea on  the trend on what the consumers want. Hmm, I better check my lotto ticket, just in case.

A booth that got my attention was OWS. It is a German company that manufactures car care products. I first encountered this brand in the mid 1990s at Union Motors. The service advisor told me that they were using the fuel injector cleaner as part of their tune-up service and the anti-brake squeal for the brakes. They were using it on my dad’s 1997 Mitsubishi Galant. I was able to get hold of a sample of the anti-brake squeal and was able to use it on my car. Fair enough to say, the product worked. Sourcing this product on the retail side is a bit hard. Their outlet office is located in Fairview, Quezon City.  It’s a bit pricey but well worth it. They also had this very nice toy: a fuel-injector cleaner. If you are having fuel injector problems, try and source them out. Maybe their products can help solve your problem.

But what really got my attention was the product that NGK was offering. For the gear head that likes to fine-tune his engines, they are offering an air/fuel mixture gauge. This device can tell you the actual air/fuel mixture in real time. If you are tuning your engine, this is one toy you will need.  There’s not that much details available yet, but I will try and ask NGK for more details. Now this is the perfect Christmas gift…

Dear Santa, we need to talk. As in really talk about my gift.


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