• Post-summer hair troubles

    Treat weatherdamaged hair back to health

    Treat weatherdamaged hair back to health

    How to bring your crowing glory back to life
    With the season of the sun officially over, post-summer hair problems are now underway.

    Whether you went swimming, diving, trekking or traipsing all over town, this year’s scorching heat and UV rays were bound to have turned your crowning glory dry, frizzy and dull. What’s more, those who chose to cool down in the water again and again are sure to have done more damage on their tresses what with the harsh effects of chlorine and saltwater to hair strands.

    But fret not. According to hair care and styling stalwart Ricky Reyes, “hair waxing” is the solution to the mane problem of the season.

    “A bright summer unfortunately leads to dull locks. Hair becomes dry and brittle. But unlike our skin, which recovers from sunburn over time, the hair cannot repair itself so a visit to the salon is necessary,” he explains to The Manila Times. “This is where we come in with our latest hair waxing treatment that will bring your crowning glory back to life.”

    Reyes happily adds that hair waxing is not your usual hair restorative treatment because while bringing back moisture to weather-damaged hair, it also allows for color accents for a touch of fun.

    “We first assess the hair damage and restore its original color,” he continued. “We apply natural hair wax for black or brown hair, and plum brown or orange for color-treated hair. We let that sit and nourish the hair back to health.” The end result is a soft and glossy head of hair.

    “This is the latest addition to the hair treatment solutions that I always work hard to develop for the Filipina of today. Think of it as the latest reinvention of my Hair Spa, Milk Rebond, Reborn, Re-Gold and Hair Shine trends—all aimed at making hair the best it can be,” Reyes concluded.


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