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    A week after celebrating one of the most expensive holidays [Valentine’s apparently running third after Christmas and Mother’s Day) I am reminded of love in the greatest and purest form—God’s Love.

    Two instances led me to ruminate on this topic.

    First was a reading on the last few chapters of Leviticus where God gives Moses a list of the celebrations to commemorate Him—which prompted me to think of ways on how I may [must]integrate God on other big holidays aside from Christmas, New Year’s and Resurrection Sunday (or Easter to the rest of the world). And a question thrown by my then 5-year old daughter on what the most important organ of the body is, to which I inattentively and spontaneously responded: “The heart. Because if it stops beating, you die.” (Although the brain is the central control center of the body, a person can be “brain dead” but still be alive. But once the heart stops bea ting, life consequently follows suit.)

    This was contrary to what I remember were my father’s love advices in my younger years. He warned me not to be so preoccupied with thoughts and “feelings” of love because, in his very own words, “Love is just a concept. You do not feel love in your heart. Your heart’s only job is to pump blood. That’s it.”

    Four generations of love—celebrating milestones and victories at Gummy’s first ballet recital!

    Harsh-sounding and crushing to a teenager, right? But giving it much thought now, I realize that yes, the heart really is nothing but just a piece of muscle that serves as a pumping station. Although, the heart is undeniably symbolic of love.

    I attempted to dig up heart’s day’s origin but it basically boils down to a marketing strategy. Much like how Santa Clause came about and stuck around.

    Nevertheless, I gained a new perspective on Valentine’s Day. From this year forward, I want to use this day as a reminder, especially to my daughter, of the greatest and the highest form of love there is—God’s Love, as manifested through my parents and grandparents and which I pray I am manifesting to her today.

    Love that is patient, kind, that does not envy, that always protects, that trusts, hopes, that bears all things and that never gives up—this love that is exactly what God had designed it to be is manifested on earth through us and our very own parents and grandparents.

    My dad whom I call ‘Papa’ is my little girl’s papa too

    On February 14, I celebrated love to honor my Father, Mother and “Wowa” who epitomize and embody what true love is—a commitment. Love that never gives up no matter how difficult we are and the circumstances we may be in. Love that always seeks our highest good. Love that always sacrifices yet never asks for anything in return. Love that is charity. Love that gives all.

    For the first time, I saw Valentine’s not as a way to celebrate romantically (since I have had no suitor nor partner and my daughter has been my Valentine since she came along) but to honor love that is present in my life; to recognize the privilege to experience this kind of love from God Himself and through my parents and grandparent.

    How my Father loves me is integral to my view of love and God’s love. (Parents, do know that your children’s view of God is influenced by how they view the Father in the family. Dads, and Moms likewise, do your best to set the best examples.)

    The heart may be just a piece of muscle but since I became a believer of Christ, I became a witness to its malleability. A heart of stone turned soft by love that is patient, that pursues and that persists; Love that knows neither depth nor distance; A Love that saves and changes you.

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