Poverty public enemy number one – INC


THE Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) on Monday called for a multi-sectoral, cross-religious effort to combat poverty which the religious group tagged as “public enemy number one.”

“While we have different beliefs, we agree wholeheartedly that we should wage all-out war against growing social inequity,” INC General Auditor Glicerio B. Santos Jr. said. “Poverty is a problem that confronts us all, one that all faiths universally condemn,” he added.

According to Santos, under the leadership of Executive Minister Eduardo V. Manalo, the homegrown Filipino church intensified its anti-poverty and socio-civic initiatives through the INC’s Felix Y. Manalo Foundation.

Its pilot livelihood project —eco-farming — was launched two years ago nationwide.

“Our Lingap Pamamahayag is a year-round program that’s been actively providing material and spiritual help to Iglesia and non-Iglesia members all over the country. We envision an expansion of this initiative through the participation of our brethren from other socio-civic and religious groups so we can have a bigger impact on poverty reduction,” Santos said.

An example of this, Santos said, was the Lingap activity in General Santos, held at the city’s Polomolok gymnasium on January 29, where 12,000 “goodie packs,” 7,500 pieces of clothing and 10,000 toys were distributed to beneficiaries.

Close to thirty doctors and dentists also provided free medical and dental assistance.

“Poverty is an enemy that we should all, regardless of political and religious affiliations, wage an unrelenting war against. We can better combat poverty if we work and pull our resources together,” added Santos.

Public sentiment from the last quarter of 2015 showed that economic issues top the list of concerns for ordinary Filipinos.

An October 2015 survey released by Pulse Asia revealed that wages, inflation and job creation are the most important issues Filipinos were most concerned about. The Social Weather Stations (SWS) also found that 11.4 million families remain poor.
Fifty one percent of Filipinos consider themselves poor.

“The Iglesia humbly tries to do its small share in helping those who have less in life. A bigger program that involves our brothers and sisters from other socio-civic and religious groups would generate added interest and have a bigger impact on our target communities. That’s the direction we want to pursue with Lingap,” Santos said.

The Lingap Pamamahayag program has benefited communities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


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  1. so now the poor have toys and nicer teeth. why not donate money to them instead, build them schools and shelters?

  2. The INC is doing what the government suppose to do but we cannot count on them unfortunately. Any effort should be celebrated and encouraged. If anybody wants to help should step up to the plate and be part of the solution

  3. If you sell the Philippine Arena, INC can generate a lot of money to help out the poor, specially the poor INC members.

    • With all due respect to your comment sir, I just want to point out a few things. :)

      1. Yung pinagawa ba sa Phil Arena galing sa pera nyo? Galing sa handog namin yun so of all people, dapat kami ang magdemand niyan hindi yung hindi myembro :)
      2. We use Phil Arena in our big events. Why would we sell it kung buong INC nakikinabang dito? Int’s not as if the main purpose of building it is for profit.
      3. We can help poor people without selling the Arena and we have been doing that for the longest time. Meron bang ibang religion na nakagawa na nun?

    • With all due respect Mr. Ed Cruz. Didyou read the whole article properly? Why would we sell the symbol of our success as a small church organization who prospered in a span of 100 years? Even if we do not sell the Philippine Arena we are generating enough funds to help others in need. And even if a lot of INC members are not that well off in life, we are not the poorest of the poor thus we still manage to share what we have wholeheartedly and without any grudge whatsoever.
      Dont you hate yourself for displaying such “crab mentality”? Instead of being proud with what yoyr fellow Filipinos have built and achieved not just for our oragnization but for the whole country as well you are now telling us to sell the Philippine Arena? What a big joke. Tsk

    • Ed cruz, bkit hnd m sabihin sa presidente o sa mga simbshsn nyo n malalaki n ibenta rin yang mga gusali n nakatiwangwang at sa mga simbahang halos ayw n pasukin ng mga tao at ibigay sa mamayang pilipino na naghihikahos dhl sa kasakiman ng mga nasa gobyerno. Duon m sabihin yang gusto m!

    • Ed Cruz are you serious? INC can sustain those socio activities w/o resorting to selling of properties to help even non-INC member.

    • armando arellano on

      we can help without selling it. matalino ka pala. bakit di ka pumasok sa gobyerno at ikaw ang magdikta sa kanila kung ano gagawin. o baka naman naiinggit ka lang at nakapagpatayo kami ng ganyang kalaki. hindi mo sukat akalaing naipagawa namin ang philippine arena without the help of others. kami lang ang tumustos. kaya nyo yan? iba ang kapatiran namin. hindi nyo magagaya kasi wala kayong disiplina.