‘Poverty root cause of many sufferings’


“Poverty is the root cause of many Filipino families’ suffering,” Vice President Maria Leonor Robredo declared minutes before she spearheaded the formal opening of the “Angat Buhay” (Lifting Lives] program of the Office of the President on Monday.

Robredo explained before a huge crowd from various non-government organizations and civic groups and more than 50 officials and representatives of local government units that “[p]overty is a larger war that needs our focus and attention [because it]claims lives of pregnant women who do not have access to proper health care.”

“It causes irreversible stunting in the first 1,000 days of children, forcing them to suffer for the rest of their lives,” she said.

Poverty, according to the Vice President, undermines millions of children’s capacity to absorb knowledge and skills that are crucial for gainful employment and livelihood; pushes the poor people, both young and old, to involve themselves in illegal drugs and subsequently commit all forms of crimes; and disempowers and erodes the dignity of the majority of Filipinos, especially in remote rural areas and congested urban informal settlements.

At the same time, Robredo said, women are disenfranchised by poverty.

Small farmers, fisherfolk and laborers who produce the country’s food are ironically the ones who are hungry and lack proper nutrition, she noted.

Poor people do not earn enough to meet their families’ basic needs, Robredo said.

She admitted that the government has not solved poverty when “[w]e all live at a time and age that has made obsolete what used to be impossible.”

The government has not also solved poverty despite “talk of travel to Mars, self-driving cars and drones that can deliver food or medicine or textbook for your child even if you live in the mountains or far away from the city,” Robredo said.

“Each day of extreme hunger steals a slice of our people’s future. Each day of hopelessness kills our people just as surely as bullets do,” she added.

“As a nation, we cannot be defined by what we are unable to do. Our potential tells more about us than our past inadequacies,” the Vice President said.


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  1. Filipino attitude of “bahala na” , “dios na ang bahala” and the obsession for branded luxury thing are the main contributing factors why filipinos remain poor . It’s a combination of ignorance and misplaced ambition .

  2. Being a poor is a caused of laziest. Nobody to be blamed only a self-esteem its a lack of integrity how to drive to survive.

  3. we already know that. but why is it? are we lazy? do we lack education in rural areas? lack of initiative. the government is lazy itself by not checking the basic services nation wide. some if not many areas in the provinces have no electricity, running water, sewer, farm to market roads, lacking of bridges, poor infrastructures. all in all this are laziness which can be corrected thru discipline and enforcement of erring government personnel and the private sector including farmers themselves. Look at South Korea, they used to be very poor after the korean war that devastated them now both south and north Koreas are industrialized especially the south. in addition, look at the tsinoys, a lot of them are wealthy and the top 7 billionaires are tsinoys aside from sometimes being discriminated by us. are they doing something native filipinos do not have? all i can see is the old rule and that is discipline and hard work is what it takes to succeed. and not make short cuts.

    • Sometimes kasi ang pagkamahirap ng isang tao ay diktated ng kanyang environment, like the Govt officials na gusto na lang lagi mahirap ang mga tao nya o lagi umasa sa kanya ng tulong ang mga tao para kaya niyang lokohin mga ito pagdating sa election, mga Pari lagi sinasabi na makasalanan ang maging mayaman at ang mga mahihirap lang ang pwede pumunta sa langit.Pag ganun sino pa ang magtiyaga na umunlad ang buhay kung ang mga ganitong sector na ang nagpropromote na mas maganda ang maging mahirap?

    • Substandard and expensive electric service
      Substandard water service
      Substandard internet service
      Substandard cell phone service
      Substandard education system
      Substandard prison system
      Substandard mass transit system
      Substandard Justice system

      This list of substandard services supposed to be provided by the government is near endless in the Philippines.
      Substandard government composed of incompetent and corrupt officials who loot the budget every year.

      “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves”