Power, efficiency wrapped in Swedish luxury


Volvo Philippines blazes through the New Year with the release of the Volvo XC90 D4. This new variant is a welcome addition to the award-winning XC90 line and will give Volvo enthusiasts an option if they prefer a diesel-powered SUV.

Designed for a demanding audience, the Volvo XC90 delivers ingenious design and intelligent technology in one luxurious package. Aficionados who demand for a hard-working vehicle that expresses their unique personality will revel in this contemporary SUV that models Scandinavian flair and thoughtful craftsmanship – all designed to provide utmost comfort and calm on the road.

The first-class cabin with its plush accouterments and clever driving aids offers a distinctive Volvo touch. It lets you breathe refined, clean air while giving all car occupants complete control with just a spoken command or a gentle touch of the onboard screen.

Dynamic Drive with Drive-E Diesel
The XC90 is powered by Volvo’s Drive-E powertrains – now locally offered with a diesel engine – and mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. The all-new, lightweight, low-friction, turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine confidently spews out 190 hp and 400 Nm of torque. That’s plenty to deliver exhilarating power whether on the highways or navigating the urban jungle.

The diesel powertrain benefits from additional, diesel-specific technology that features twin turbos and the revolutionary i-ART direct fuel injection. These intelligent engines provide responsive, clean, and efficient performance. Each cylinder has a microchip and pressure sensor that perfectly meters fuel. Better still, this advanced engine remains precisely in tune even after years of use.

Drive-E is Volvo’s all-embracing approach to efficient power and an uncompromising driving experience. These new generation Drive-E powertrains play a central role in redefining how luxury cars are powered in the 21st century. With Volvo’s unrelenting commitment to efficiency, superb performance, and driving enjoyment can be achieved while reducing the impact to the environment. This dedication to sustainability translates to excellent road handling and delight while keeping fuel consumption and CO2 emissions down.

Distinctive Design
A premium seven-seater, the Volvo XC90 D4 SUV is designed to deliver a luxurious user experience, while retaining the ride height, space, and practicality that typifies this segment.

The XC90 is the first car to be built on the new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA), Volvo’s advanced modular product platform that will underpin all new Volvo cars in the 90 and 60 Series.

Like its S90 and V90 siblings, the XC90 carries the proud and confident face of Volvo’s new design language, along with classic Volvo styling cues. Key features include the iconic “Thor’s Hammer” LED headlight design, the new grille and Volvo Iron Mark, and the expressive use of the Volvo word mark on the rear, framed by the signature sweeping lines of the rear lights.

The interior of the XC90 provides a calm and balanced environment with a blend of high-end materials such as wood, crystal, and metal in a sophisticated design.

A brand new seat design delivers on Volvo’s heritage of making among the most comfortable and ingeniously safe seats in the car industry, using the latest technology.

Clever Connectivity
All new Volvos are now connected, thanks to Volvo’s connectivity offering called Sensus. It delivers an intuitive touch screen interface that combines car functions, navigation, connected services, and in-car entertainment applications such as Spotify, Pandora, Baidu, or TuneIn. The portrait-oriented touch screen enables easy and fast access to a host of functions and features.

Signature Volvo Safety and Semi-autonomous Drive
Volvo’s leadership in the field of automotive safety is confirmed in the XC90. Volvo’s City Safety Technology, standard on all Volvo models, combines automatic breaking functionality and collision avoidance systems to cover a range of potential accident scenarios and help keep you safe.

City Safety’s functionality is further extended in the XC90 with Large Animal Detection, designed to help avoid or mitigate collisions with large animals such as moose. An auto-steer functionality that helps to keep the car on the road, called Run Off Road Mitigation, has also been added.

Volvo’s overall safety offering, called IntelliSafe, encompasses both active and passive safety systems and forms the groundwork for Volvo’s leadership in the field of autonomous drive. The XC90 already offers semi-autonomous drive with Pilot Assist, which works up to 130 kph on clearly marked roads. Pilot Assist is another step towards Volvo’s Vision 2020, which states that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo by 2020.


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