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  1. A very important pillar of the economy is sound regulation of power infra. c&s should give priority and focus on it, spend most of their research and staff budget to ferret out the real problems, get third party assessment, valuation if needed, etc, rather than wasting the country’s resources grandstanding on none-issues like exposing the dirty personal deeds of lowlifes – which n the end only shows how disgusting almost all of them can be.

    If c&s have any sense of nationalism at all, the country’s important concerns like economic fundamental needs, guarding against crime and plunderers, white collar (banking and stock market racket) criminal operations, smuggling, cartels, shady chinese undermining the country’s economy and drugging its citizenry should be addressed and satisfactorily resolved.

    Otherwise c&s should be abolished, because for simply seating on their fat asses, taking no action, means c&s is working for the other side.