shell-drive20140624Shell fuels up TV travel show’s search for new destinations
ONE of the planet’s most recognizable fuel brands. A local TV travel show that seeks lesser-known destinations in the Philippines. Together, the two intend to drive to new places.

It’s a match made in driving heaven.

Pilipinas Shell recently tied up with Ten travel show where the company’s V-Power Nitro+ fuels the various trips featured on the TV program. To announce the partnership Shell organized a road trip that counted in a few activities, all of which a sampler of what traveling, in contrast to merely commuting from one point to the next, means.

So on a recent morning a quartet of Mitsubishi Montero Sports and Stradas took off from a Bonifacio Global City café and headed north toward Subic, Zambales. There, several destinations were laid out, with the sequence of how these were to be reached made different for each car. A map to the next destination was handed only upon reaching one, turning the drive into an adventure. Especially so because these were mostly located deep inside Subic’s forest-y areas.

There was a “catch,” too. Shell kept the announcement of its TV show partnership until the evening program that followed the daylong drive. It was only then that the various photos and riddles that were given at each destination during the day were explained—these symbolized “ingredients” necessary to make a drive exciting. So along with the leisurely drive, the experience let those who joined the trip discover new places or revisit old haunts unhurriedly. To travel, in short.

Oying Yam, vice president for retail at Pilipinas Shell, said the company is finding more ways to show the elements of a good drive.

“We are searching for the different elements that make up an exciting drive in the Philippines . . . fueled by Shell V-Power Nitro+,” he said.

The Shell executive called V-Power Nitro+ as a “fast-acting performance range of fuels designed to boost engine performance.”

Travel TV
Yam said that the partnership with Ten seeks to find out what motorists consider a perfect driving experience.

Ten, hosted by Jason Godfrey, premiered on AXN in 2013. It features places that one can discover around the Philippines. The show is made by Television Culture Shock Productions.

Ten is now shooting its second season that’s sponsored by Pilipinas Shell.

“As we go around some of the country’s most beautiful and unique destinations, we take in the breathtaking sights and exceptional drives that our customers can experience, no matter where they are, what vehicle they decide to drive, and whom they choose to experience the journey with them,” Yam explained.

He added that as Shell continues to celebrate its centennial year in the country, its search for “the 10 most exciting drives is a way to rediscover diverse cultures and exceptional environments that characterize the unique landscapes and geography that the Philippines possesses.”

“Using high-performing vehicles fueled by V-Power Nitro+ fuels in visiting these remarkable places in the country makes the search even more exhilarating,” Yam said.


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