His powerful son has done nothing to solve his murder


Yesterday was the 31st anniversary of the assassination of our national martyr, Ninoy Aquino, and again, photos of his son President Aquino with his sisters praying before the hero’s grave hog newspapers’ front pages.

Ninoy’s murder on August 21, 1983 was an event that changed the course of Philippine history.

I am still astounded at how its masterminds and conspirators were so daring and precise in their execution of the deed as to kill him in broad daylight. If the killers’ timing was just a few seconds late – or if the journalists with Aquino had been a bit bolder as to insist on following Aquino down the tube – the opposition leader’s killing could have been witnessed and photographed by foreign media who would have told the world about it.

As mysterious, though, as to who were the brains behind the assassination is the fact that Aquino’s now powerful son, Benigno 3rd,  has done nothing to uncover who were behind his killing, as well as that of Rolando Galman, allegedly the actual trigger man who put a .357 mm. bullet into his head.

This is despite his four years as the most powerful man in the country that he has been able to remove the Supreme Court Chief Justice, incarcerate the former president on flimsy grounds, and have the entire Congress under his thumb.

Aquino is known to be vengeful against those who have slighted him in the most minor manner. This trait certainly doesn’t apply to his apparent nonchalance towards his father’s murderers.

August 21, 1983: After 31 years, murders still unsolved

August 21, 1983: After 31 years, murders still unsolved

Masterminds not idle

In contrast, the masterminds of the assassinations don’t seem to have been idle, and have been determined to forever erase all trails of the evil deed that could lead to them.

In the early morning of May 7 this year,discharged Master Sergeant Pablo Martinez was killed in what initially appeared to be an accident along Roxas Boulevard.

An eyewitness claimed that an SUV Montero driven by one Henry Roque ran over him after he fell from his bicycle which the vehicle bumped.  The police initially concluded that it was purely an unfortunate accident.  His son Diomedes, also an Air Force sergeant, however, suspected he was murdered.

The latest report I’ve been able to dig up was a Philippine Star news item dated May 19: “Parañaque police investigators confirmed that Roque could no longer be contacted after three witnesses surfaced and claimed they saw his SUV deliberately run over Martinez after he hit the victim’s bike and fell down into the asphalt.”

Who is Martinez? He was convicted as one of the conspirators in Aquino’s assassination and had served nearly 30 years in jail for the crime. Since his release in 2007, and probably because he had become deeply religious, Martinez had been volunteering to disclose the brains of the murder. (An excellent documentary titled “The Assassination of Benigno Aquino, Jr.” produced by Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala, daughter of Philippine Daily Inquirer editor-in-chief Letty Magsanoc, shown on History Channel yesterday and every August 21 since it was produced in 2010, also focused on Martinez and his revelations.)

In 1995, he admitted his role in the plot, and testified that it was Galman who killed Ninoy with a single bullet to the head. He said it was he who escorted Galman to a motel to spend the night before the assassination.

Martinez alleged that former Philippine Constabulary Maj. Romeo Gatan, a businessman named Hermilo Gosuico, former Air Force Col. Romeo Ochoco, and Air Force Capt. Felipe Valerio were in that hotel to tell Galman what he would do the next day. The other 11 officers and soldiers made up the team that allowed Galman to get close to and shoot Aquino in the head, after which they gunned him down.

Martinez’ earth-shaking testimony, though, was  first narrated in a February 2006 article in the U.S. Time magazine and in an on-camera interview in 2007 by ABS-CBN’s Julius Babao with him right after his release from prison:

“I didn’t hear any direct order from him, but I asked them [the conspirators in the hotel]who was giving them the orders, and they replied, ‘Danding.’“

He was referring to oligarch Eduardo Cojuangco who had controlled until the last few years the giant San Miguel Corp. Martinez’s claims were recorded in a formal deposition and submitted to the Supreme Court, which had been asked to reopen the case. The Court, though, ruled that it didn’t qualify as “newly found evidence.”

Cojuangco’s denial

Mr. Cojuangco has vehemently denied such accusations.

“Valerio is among those who might be able to shed light, but to me, it’s Ochoco whom the government should ask because he was the one who ordered me to bring Galman to the airport,” Martinez said in 2007.

Capt. Valerio was the head of the 10-man team of the Aviation Security Command who collected Aquino from the China Airlines plane to the airport’s tarmac, where the former senator and then Galman were shot dead. Valerio and his immediate superior Air Force Col. Ochoco disappeared right after Marcos’ fall in 1986.

Valerio was not included among the 16 convicted or the other 18 accused who were acquitted since he could not be arraigned, as he could not be found and arrested. He was reported to be living in the US. Ochoco, for some reason was also not indicted, and has been reported to be living in Australia.

Aquino or his officials had done absolutely nothing to get in touch with Martinez or with the other 10 officers and soldiers convicted of the crime to convince them that they would be placed under his protection if they told everything they knew about the assassination.

Having given everything the Americans wanted, allowing them to have military forward operating sites here, couldn’t have Aquino asked them for a small favor of looking for Ochoco and Valerio, and extraditing them here to face justice?

One would have thought the martyr’s only son would use all the resources at his command as President not just to seek justice for his father, but also to shed light on what is one of the most ruthless but pivotal killings in our nation’s history.

Aquino hasn’t.

Aquino’s seeming lack of concern over his father’s murder convinces me that either there is something deeply wrong in this person’s psyche, or that there is something terribly embarrassing in the assassination that has been kept so secret that even the victim’s powerful family has refused to uncover its mastermind.

Aquino’s mother Cory also seemed disinterested when she was president in getting to the bottom of her husband’s murder. However, this was mostly viewed as an understandable, even laudable, above-the-fray stance of the Saint of Democracy.

More cynical observers felt, however, that she was afraid to discover that the mastermind could be Cojuangco, her cousin, or that she even already knew this.

For political stability’s sake

An interpretation kind to her claimed that if she had pursued Cojuangco for the crime, the oligarch could have joined and funded the many coup attempts against her rule, and that she chose to sacrifice her personal wish—to avenge her husband—for the sake of the country ‘s political stability.

The son certainly can’t make such justification now for his disinterest in finding out who ordered his father’s murder.

A big lacuna in our nation’s history remains to be filled, as mysterious as why his widow and the son hadn’t lifted a finger to expose who ordered the head of their family killed.

In the case of the also mysterious assassination of another president, the US’s John F. Kennedy, the trail had gone totally cold after nightclub owner Jack Ruby, who killed the alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, died in prison four years later in 1967.

In Ninoy’s case, Martinez had provided enough leads to solve the mystery, and many of the soldiers convicted are still alive and can be persuaded to tell everything they know. They can even be convinced to disclose who reportedly has been generously taking care of their families financially in the 30 years they’ve been in prison.

The crimes’ planners—Col. Ochoco and Capt. Valerio, Martinez alleged—can still be tracked down. (Businessman Gosuico and Gen. Gatan reportedly had died several years ago by natural causes, although I have been unable to confirm this.)

How can Aquino keep wearing that yellow ribbon on his chest, when he has done nothing to solve the crime it signifies?

How can we be proud of a nation whose two presidents, one the widow and the other the son, had not bothered to bring justice to a hero who had declared that the Filipino is worth dying for?

Or maybe it would be more realistic to hope that Senator Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.—who aspires to lead this nation—would provide evidence to prove that it wasn’t his father who ordered Aquino’s murder, as most Filipinos believe the Senior did.

FB: Rigoberto D. Tiglao


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  1. A few days after the killings of Aquino and Galman, I remembered , Philippine Inquirer , published a huge headline regarding the Group abroad in connection with the Assasination .
    But never been talked about it again. I hope one day that PDI would have chance to open the issue.

  2. Romans 12:18-19 18If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men. 19Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord.

    Deuteronomy 32:35 It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.”

    1 Samuel 26:10 As surely as the LORD lives,” he said, “the LORD himself will strike him, or his time will come and he will die, or he will go into battle and perish.

    A person who has genuine, godly peace can endure an avalanche of hardship and difficulty and still enjoy an inner peace that surpasses all human understanding. Why? Because we live in a real world we don’t live from pleasant circumstances, pretend we don’t have enemies, and the government leaders who love money much they left the coffers empty and international loans that our children’s children need to pay forever.

    Don’t provoke President Aquino and their family to instill rage and hatred they have suffered so much but instead give them peace evidently in the many years they were able to live a good life and the legacy of the Aquino’s are insurmountable. Whenever there are big problems the country faces and unthinkable disastrous circumstance an Aquino will rise to lead the government and the people.

  3. “Aquino’s seeming lack of concern over his father’s murder convinces me that either there is something deeply wrong in this person’s psyche, or that there is something terribly embarrassing in the assassination that has been kept so secret that even the victim’s powerful family has refused to uncover its mastermind.”

    You seem to have the answer, to find out that the assassination brain head goes back the PNoy’s family.

    Also, most likely, PNoy does not have the smarts to think about his father’s murder. I think he was born with mental problems and he is also our leader. Scary, indeed.

  4. By the way, while I was joining the protest against Marcos in the Cory Rally,

    a pickpocket took my wallet….all the 200 pesos that was in it….

    I joined a Rally thinking of brighter future….
    I ended the Rally literally penniless….

    Was it a presage of things to come?

    History has shown it was…..but on national scale and 2 generations at that…

    When will we ever learn?

  5. I understand how people feel about Ninoy. I myself was a supporter of Cory during my teen years. My family was divided between Cory/Ninoy on one side, on Marcos on another and the one in the middle where the original “weder-weder” who looking back were actually the smart ones. Because for all the rallying cry of Cory and the yellow army at that time, they can see through their pretenses. They knew it was all a charade. Same withe Marcoses. The cry was “Palitan Na, Mabaho Na” referring to the Conjugal Dictatorship.
    Alas, Cory’s regime was worse than Marcos. She brought back rapacious Elite lead by the Lopez Clan of ABS-CBN. Nothing was done – I mean nothing !
    And now we got the son who is no less incompetent on a grand scale.
    450 years of servitude is still not enough ? When are we gonna learn ?

  6. I have been a member of the “kasama Ni Ninoy” and since then was without a clue about Ninoy’s murder.
    I would like to thank Columnist Roberto Tiglaw and the 40 who commented on his column giving me enough basis to form my private personal opinion on this regard.
    My congratulations too, to the Manila Times

  7. I think I have read a book or some theories about ninoy’s death with very good evidence presented. Cory did not know about the plan of the cojuangos. Danding was the one who would benefit most from ninoy’s death. he knew that with ninoy’s come back, he would surely win for presidency given the fact that the people were already tired of the suppression of rights. There was no freedom. You cannot talk, cannot opine, cannot write about the truth. Manila Times at that time was the fighting newspaper but the government was after them. How many journalists fled the country during martial law? Cory, later, when she was president must have known about the truth, but she didn’t run after her family. Ninoy was the sacrificial lamb, like in chess, you have to have your pawn eaten to get the queen. Maybe danding told her that without ninoy, the family would be better off, that his death was a sacrifice for the good of the family, that he had to be eliminated for the family’s safety. . Maybe she was given a good size of the loot? Maybe she was promised more wealth? we don’t really know. But the fact that they never ran after the killers say a thousand words. And until now, the killing of Martinez is just another proof that they want to maintain their innocence, that they don’t want to be exposed; eliminate all possible whistle blowers, maintain your “innocence and dignity”. The whole truth might be forever hidden from the people, because I don’t think there would be one president in the future who will have the guts to pursue this case, when his own family never did. We will lose a big chunk of our country’s history.

    • In due time, Pnoy, will follow it up with the investigation, he has his priority and I do believe the Pilipinos welfare and the Nation first is his agenda and foremost in his mind, Maybe that is one of the reason why he chose to be single up to now, Kudos ! to the Manila times and to Mr.Rigoberto Tiglao, god bless and thank you,

  8. Ninoy’s death will remain a mystery, just as the question – Did Aguinaldo ordered the assassination of Bonifacio?” This the reason why our country could not progress, we do not have JUSTICE.

  9. 10) Lastly aquino got installed via PCOS. And until now the ‘Source Code” has not been released – 4 years and counting which is actually against the Law !

    Our Country will never attain its true potential as long as we let these Medicant Elites run the show. Compare our Elites with that of South Korea, Japan, China, Germany and US; ours is devoid of Dignity and Honour. No one among them aspires to make this country the number one dynamo in SouthEast Asia. Just like for the past 350 Years, they are all contented with robbing the National Treasury with all sorts of “rackets’ eg PDAF/DAP. No one thinks “Long-Term”. There is no continuity.
    The is our tragedy which I hope someday we will be able to rectify.

  10. 8) The US wanted another stooge after GMA and they had a person just for that in the likes of BS “Noynoy”Aquino 3rd. They knew he could not win since Erap was still very popular with masses. 9 out of 10 filipino would vote for Erap if all things are equal. Thats why GMA got Erap out of jail since hse knew The PCOS being pushed forward by the US Stae Dept will make it easier for the Americans to put anyone they want in the Presidency.
    9) Remember the US hated Erap for 2 things: Going against their wishes in voting against the US bases in 1991 and destroying the Muslim Rebels camps in Mindanao. The US did not want these destroyed because they needed these as justification for their presence in the Philippines plus its also a good story for their “War on Terror” pretensions to control the World.

  11. Correction. Danding is cousin in law.
    5) Remeber the Conjuangco-Aquino families are well known to the Elites of the US. Cory studied in the US. Her family benefitted from Ninoys lawyering for them when President Magsaysay wanted to get rid of the Hukbalahap after the war in the 50s and at same time jumpstart the economy in Central Luzon region by getting the US Government to approve a US Bank Loan and also guaranteed by thye Philippine government for Hacienda Luista.
    6) This decades old US relations paved the way for the Americans to choose Cory as their Puppet replacement for their puppet Marcos.
    7) The EDSA People Power was just the template for so called Peopel Power in Poland, Germany and other countries. What people do not see is that it was all funded and planned under US CIA/State Dept.
    See ff posts.

  12. The mastermind for the killing of Benigno Aquino Sr was Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino himself.
    Ninoy had triple bypass but he knew he had only a few months/years to live. he was living in the US and if he dies there he will eventually be forgotten. The following reasons are put forth:
    1) Ninoy wants to be remembered a hero. He made plans for it to done using his cousin Danding who was still in power. Danding sees this is a win-win for him business-wise and politically too.
    2) The Cory family is placed in the dark so us to prevent them from stopping the plan.
    3) The CIA is updated of the plan which dovetails with Pres. Reagans plan to pull out Marcos who was also sick and dying. they needed to push Cory into position as a foil . VP Laurel was made to believe he will be President so us to get his support.
    4) The US Stae Dept using Army rangers help secure Cory against The RAM and Enrile who also had plans to take over.
    See succeeding post…

    • I tend to disagree Mr. Bourne. Ninoy, has no illusion of grandeur all that he wanted was for Mr.Marcos to relinquished his dictatorial power, nothing else, In fact when I tried to convince him not to proceed as we were able to convinced him earlier. he said and I quote, No Cesar, I do not want a bloody Philippines to ensue as the people are about ready to fight and the communist are getting stronger, I must go back and talk to Mr. Marcos, but Noy, you are alone nobody among us with you, can I come along as I have no more country, the Philippine consulate will not renew my expired passport. I must accompany you, no,he said, I have a lot of news reporter with me, Besides, both of us will be killed. you just stay and continue the fight, but, be prepared, he emphasized. and he continued, And remember this, someday we will win in this struggle we must not resort to killing,as the children knew nothing but killings! for those that had committed crimes lets put them in jail. That was the end of my conversation, with the great man…. and the rest is sadness for losing a very brilliant Filipino.

  13. Had Pnoy created another investigation, tiyak na babanatan naman ni Tiglao as wasting time, vengeful president, not focused Pnoy, etc., etc… to justify his pay for writing one-sided criticisms… ano ba talaga?

    • hey gabby, sometimes we have to have a critical mind to see everything. Not because we voted for pinoy we will close our eyes to the truth and the facts. That is exactly one reason why our country does not move forward like the rest of the Asian countries. we are still at the bottom. We keep on electing good for nothing politicians. Like now, if not pinoy who? binay? who else? Estrada? marcos? or maybe sotto and drilon? These people should not even be on the official list of candidates given their backgrounds. the alalay mentality, their loyalty to the people they owe gratitude from, and they tend to hide the abuses because of utang na loob. utang na loob is utang na loob, but what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. that is how we should rule our country to slowly elilminate the thieves, before they eliminate you yourself who is fighting for what is right. we could never get out of this hell hole unless we change our mentality, the mentality the Spaniards taught us, colonialism and feudalism. “As long as this person gives me food, I will kiss his hand and will die for him regardless of what kind of a person he is”. that is why we are in this bottomless pit right now.

  14. What more to be proven? It’s a public knowledge Marcos, Emelda & Ver are the culprit. Very well planned!!!

  15. Are you adding to the awareness, enlightenment and evolution of mankind by acting in a way that raises the vibration of the planet as a whole, or are you sending us backwards by fueling lower-vibrational energy? Let’s set a positive example for our children — the future of mankind. Yes, we still have wars. Yes, we still witness injustices. No one is immune to feeling sympathy for the human suffering that goes on in the world. So the question then becomes, are you one to perpetuate these things by spending your time and attention choosing thoughts and words of anger and dissension, or are you one to spend your time trying to elevate the planet by uplifting others and inspiring hope for a peaceful future? Anger begets anger. Violence begets violence, and that is why there is so much pain in the world. However, we should never be accepting of behavior that blatantly harms another human being, either. So for those who profess to stand strongly against the atrocities of humanity, put your passion to work by doing all that you can to come from a place of love and be of service to those in need of help — not from a place of anger toward their situation and hate for their oppressors. If you engage in the latter, all you are doing is simply adding strength and momentum to the energies you claim to be fighting against, which only perpetuates the endless cycle. We can’t solve the world’s issues with the same mindset that created them. It is our pure and loving intentions, devoid of ego, that will support the highest good of all mankind.

    • sir, you have nice words to say but what is the bottomline of your narrative? it is murky for me and I don’t get it. Is this a lecture of some sort? It doesn’t even deal with the topic itself, it just glides over it. I feel like I am reading a passage from imeldific.

  16. The trusted military men of Marcos did the killing of Ninoy Aquino, the military has chain of command that goes up to the Commander in Chief Ferdinand Marcos who shares the power of Conjugal Dictatorship to his wife Imelda who in fact suggested and warned Ninoy not to come home or else he will die and this threat came true!
    There was a rumors about a talk of hiding this evidence of recording about Imelda talking to Ninoy warning him not to come home or else it will be the end of his life. This is important to locate this evidence because it is a big nail of evidence to pinpoint Imelda as the mastermind and put her behind bars for there is no death penalty! The fact is they are in control of the military who killed Ninoy Aquino that puts them to primary responsibility!

  17. an0ther deep dark secret in the c0juangc0 closet. If marc0s had n0thing t0 d0 with it – the wh0le yell0w narrative collapses.

  18. From the start I never believed that Pres. Marcos was behind the murder of Ninoy. If you are in your right mind and you know that whatever happens to your number 1 critic will be blamed on you, will you still murder him?

    Thank you Mr. Tiglao for this article. It has strengthen my belief that it was not Macoy. Unfortunately for us Filipinos, we have to taste the presidency of Cory and Noynoy because of that incident.

  19. We know that Pnoy will not do anythingto harm a “friend”. If it was an enemy, investigsations and hearings would have started four years ago.

  20. I dont have a proof but for me, the real mastermind is the CIA, Danding and Imelda are only the conspirators of the August 21 Ninoy murder. Reason? US needs a new leader in RP & they dont want it to be Ninoy whom the CIA suspect as a MSS (China Intelligence) double agent.

  21. Maybe, it was really the plan to make Ninoy a hero; and to demonize Marcos more so we could have our democracy back….

  22. Why would they want the truth exposed? The wife became president because of her husband’s death; the son used both his parents’ names and death as well. The entire clan is benefitting from their version of history. Why would they want ‘justice’? They are all in on it.

  23. If Marcos had nothing to do with Ninoy’s assasination, why was he involved in the cover up?

  24. The Aquino-Cojuangco clan is hell-bent on keeping Family matters, of secret importance. That is detrimental to the Family name – Of who really is behind the assassination. Rather than satisfying the truth begging to be unleashed.
    Weather-Whether scenario. Only time will tell(weather=panahon) when the Family decides to finally reopen the case, spill the beans, and the real score an official public document – but for now, whether they are incline to ferret out the truth, or not – prevailing winds of circumstances doesn’t favor doing so. Intra Family matters are
    far more important than anything else…Are they waiting for another Marcos residing in Malacanang to clean the Marcos name of complicity for the act? Only time will let satisfy that question, whether we live to that or not…we do not know. But we are begging for a fair weather, under a clear blue skies of Truth-iness.

  25. If this Yellow Admin is really bent on finding out the Truth about the real Masterminds and Perpetrators of this Ninoy assassination by the tarmac – they need not look further down their backyard of influence and machinery – all Penoy has to do is order the DOJ of Lei-law Dillemma, i.e the Dept of JustTease, and TG Guingona’s Yellow Ribbon Committee. The echoes of “we are working on the 2nd Batch, and Malampaya trail scam, blah, blah, blah, yak, yak, yak, moro-moro for show” filing of evidences- “, only to be overtaken by the turn of bigger events that led to their eventual loss of memory on their promises – which eventually culminated in total
    AMNESIA to lead on these batch of cases….The ‘slam dunk, three-point buzzer beating shots” statements turned out to be just for GRANDSTANDING PROPS PURPOSES designed to fool and make a mockery of the taxpaying public. These Two Riding in Tandem stooges of Lei-law and TG could be the master experts that could eventually unearth the mystery of who really is behind Ninoy’s assassination circa 1983. Talking about Senate’s reputation of Incompetence and DOJ’s flip-flopping-now you see it, now you don’t evidence presentation gimmickry.

  26. The murder happened 31 years ago, can anyone come up with an idea how to go about it? the Phils is not exactly known for solving murders low and high profile alike. Sure the president, any president can go on tv make an order on all govt agencies to solve the crime in 6 months and anyone can be excused for giving out a big yawn. Any president must feel ridiculous inside doing that- but unfortunately all present past and future presidents have been through these rituals and they must know nothing happens. As a very intelligent man, Peenoy must resist that temptation of making a circus out of the death of his great holy father.

  27. jose b. taganahan on

    Pres. BS Aquino lll as well as his mother the late Pres. Cory Aquino already knew who ordered the killing of Ninoy Aquino and definitely they are not Marcos or Imelda or Fabian Ver. That is why they no longer ordered an investigation on who really is the brain of the Aquino assasination. It could be Danding Coquangco but definitely on order of a higher interest group determined to remove the dictator Marcos from power since he is no longer subsevient to them.

  28. If Pnoy will try to re open the assassination of father, the factual truth might come out that it was Rolando Galman who killed Ninoy. Galman who was buried beside his father grave will be disastrous politically. In the aged of modern forensic it was proven that even a .357 magnum revolver bullet will not travel in a straight path when it hit a hard object like a human head. This was the argument of prosecutors that it was Martinez who shot Ninoy being in the stairs while Galman was on the ground. A .357 bullet could tumble inside upon one skul and will not travel straight because it was fired at point blank range.

  29. Melchor Vergara on

    if finally putting to rest the ninoy case is the only thing the BS can accomplish, then he would have done one thing well…… but to paraphrase a famous movie line, maybe they “can’t handle the truth”……..didn’t former DoJ Sec. Raul Gonzales have story of a female witness whom the evil lady in yellow didn’t even want to talk to as the witness was pointing fingers to someone other than Marcos? ……..

  30. Why should he rack the boat when doing so would sink them all. What’s bad for Danding and the Cojuangcos would definitely be bad for the Aquinos as well. It’s all in the family and Aquino knows this.

    • ulnoc ocsalev orutra on

      if Cory and PNoy did not nothing to pursue the mastermind of Ninoy’s assasination, GMA should had pursued it when in fact according to your article, the name of Danding was implicated by the plotters and that was revealed during her watch.

  31. Where is the truth, As of now Filipinos are suffering after MArcos falls, im am hoping that Cory would lead as the way for a proper and real democracy for all the Filipinos but it turns to be that they make us UTO UTO we believe that Corazon Aquino was a good Leader but that was very very very wrong, these Family the COJUANCOs are the most corrupt family/politicians in the country, they sacrifice Ninoy (a HERO?) (also a questionable) for their own business. Look what they have right now the COJUANGCOS have almost or have of the businesses in the country. they are the most f…. and sh…. ….and now these noynoy wants to extend his term as a president oooh damn he only wants to extend there family business. And for us Filipinos please we dont have to be UTO UTO please lang…The Republic of the Philippines is not Govern by the Filipinos but these Government is Govern BY the COJUANCOS…Ninoy Aquino was a Sacrificial Lamb by the COJUANCOS….Hoping that the Brothers and Sisters of Ninoy can understand and put a pressure to the ABNOY

  32. The Aquino’s (Cory and the Children) know that the Mastermind of the murder of Ninoy is not President Marcos and/or Imelda or General Favian Ver. Cory knows that the Mastermind is Danding Cojuanco. They just keep quiet to blame Marcos. Why?

    If, it is be proven that a member of their clan masterminded the murder of Ninoy – then Ninoy will not be a Hero. What is worse is that Marcos will be exonerated and will be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. The Aquinos cannot accept this scenario.

    If Ninoy succeeds Marcos – the first victim will be Danding, he being the closest/biggest Crony of Marcos. All the wealth accumulated by Danding will be gone. Danding will be safe if Ninoy is dead and blame the murder to Marcos. The people will buy that theory.

    Imelda and General Ver will not do such murder without the knowledge of Marcos.

    That is why Cory and her Son did not left a finger of knowing the truth because they already know it. If that happens Ninoy will be undeclared Hero and his monument will be torn down by angry mob.

    At first I believe that Imelda and/or General Ver are the masterminds – NOT ANY MORE AFTER THE MOTHER & SON refused to reopen the case to put an end of the mystery of the death of Ninoy.

    Bongbong Marcos, if he becomes President will reopen the case to get a closure of this case. THEN PRESIDENT FERDINAND MARCOS WILL BE BURIED AT THE LIBINGAN NG MGA BAYANI.

    • Aquino was trying to return to Manila. No Asian country want to let him thru. Only Taiwan let him return to Manila. Who coerced Taiwan to let Aquino return to Manila? Finding the truth will not solves Philippines problems. We’re independent ahead of South Korea but still behind in developments.

    • your theory is accurate… ang sabi nga ng aking barbero bakit naman ako kukuha ng bato para ipukpok ko sa sarili kong ulo…pity for Ninoy…sa kabila ng kapangyarihang tinamasa ng kanyang mga naulila (Cory & PNOY) ay hindi pa rin sya mabigyan ng hustisya or wala silang balak hanapin ang hustisya…

    • Ninoy is no doubt a hero.Even if he had not been assasinated, he would have been a hero because he endured solitary confinement for seven years under martial law.

  33. victor m. hernandez on

    Knowing the extreme risk of coming home, Ninoy plunge into his death. Yes it hange Philippine history. The Agrava Commission was set up to investigate the event. The killers were eventually convicted.Whether the mastermind is still alive or now dead, does not matter anymore. We have hope that justice will be done on whoever is the mastermind. There is also this thing called Karma. The convicted killers are either old, sick and weakened or dead, or freed from jail after serving their sentence. So, let’s leave it at that, and hope and pray that all these will result to the good of all. No point in squezzing blood from stones. Let it go!

    • Let it go? And let falsehood be immortalized as “history”?

      We want the untainted truth. Anything less is unacceptable.


    • Maybe, that may be his last gambit in office – to find the real mastermind. Assuming for the sake of argument that he feels it was a relation, he would need to remove all the posts that the relation may need to bank on before he hits the relation. During those years, one of the closest partner of the guy is Manong Johnny. Weren’t they partners in a venture in South Aremika? Is that the real reason why he has to remove the guy from the Senate first before he hits the relation? What will he do with the former PC Chief who was in the side table and overheard a gofer told the Boss at the MIA Lounge that his cousin was coming back? Maybe, the former PC Chief who was also a Rolex General may come into the rescue of the relation when push comes to shove. Now, this is turning to be big.

  35. I’m sorry sir, but I was confused… What does Henry Roque, SUV Montero have to do with the Ninoy Assasination?

    “As mysterious, though, as to who were the brains behind the assassination is the fact that Aquino’s now appeared to be an accident along Roxas Boulevard.

    An eyewitness claimed that an SUV Montero driven by one Henry Roque ran over him after he fell from his bicycle, which the vehicle had bumped. The police initially concluded that it was purely an unfortunate accident. His son Diomedes, also an Air Force sergeant, however, suspected he was murdered.”

    • I’m very sorry. Several sentences in thecolumn were inadvertently deleted in its published form. This has been corrected now.

  36. mikhail hieronymus on

    It is rather strange that Cory did not bother to find out who the master mind behind the assassination of her husband. Likewise the son Nonoy/Abnoy never bother to find out or solve the mystery of his father’s assassination.

    He was quick in removing Corona as Chief Justice, putting Gloria behind bars and putting behind bars Jinggoy, Enrile and Revilla. He is known as a very vindictive person, and will do almost anything to get his wish. But not on his father’s assassination. Why? It is strange.

    Maybe, he already know the truth, and the truth is not pretty. Well…if that is what their family want, who are we to interfere. Strange, to say the lest!

    • Mariano Honrado on

      “Maybe, he already know the truth, and the truth is not pretty. Well…if that is what their family want, who are we to interfere.” – Because if we do not, we are perpetuating that monumental lie that Marcos ordered Ninoy’s assassination and that Ninoy is a hero!

  37. Of course it was DANDING.

    As APO FERDIE’s top-dog crony, he stood to GAIN the most in Ninoy’s assassination and the subsequent upheaval and turmoil that followed. He knew it would lead to disastrous results to Macoy. And once gone, all the loot that Macoy had left to his cronies for safekeeping would be theirs for the taking. Sweet.

    The convergence of events must have been so unbearably sweet and irresistible to Danding. It was there. The time was ripe with Macoy sidelined by his failing kidneys. He was the perfect puppetmaster to pull the strings with Imedific’s acquiesence of course.


    Nah. POWER and MONEY. That’s all they care about. Even Cory.

    I am baffled about the first impressions of most Filipinos about the former president and late mother of the Autistic Tyrant. Cory’s “religious” image was all for show. Those who knew her back in the days knew otherwise. PERCEPTION. The son has definitely a lot from his mother with his own ANG DAANG MATUWID image. (kuno!)

  38. Why would we care who murdered Ninoy when the wife and son who are both Presidents and have all the resources at their command to pursue and determine the masterminds , are both cool and disinterested in the murder. It is the height of folly to press Pnoy to get interested and do something to solve his father’s killing mastermind. If I was Pnoy I woułd pursue this cold case to the end! To pursue is not to be avengeful or vindictive but just to uncover the truth and give Justice to the dead person!
    So we have the mystery of Ninoy’s murder-mastermind and mystery of the both Aquinos ((wife and son) cold treatment of their close kin’s (husband and father) murder-mastermind!

  39. Horacio B. Freires on

    Strong evidences are there that the real mastermind in Ninoy’s murder is in the Cojuangco family. . NOt out of hatred or anger for Ninoy by for Business sake as the motive. . Ninoy is supposed to replace the ailing Dictator Marcos. . If that happens, all the businesses of Dandinng, being a Marcos crony, will be gone. . Peping will rise, , Another evidence is that the return of Ninoy was a secret. . His (Marcial Bonifacio as Ninoy’s name in his passport) itenerary was only known to Cory. .JUSTICE MUST BE DEMANDED BY THE PUBLIC IF THE AQUINO FAMILY IS RELUCTANT. . AND FINALLY BE GIVEN TO THE NEW HERO OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES, NINOY. . WE NEED OUR HISTORY BE TRUTHFUL AND BE CORRECTED FOR ITS DELIBERATLY HIDDEN ERRORS. . Like the mastermind in the murder of Bonifacio & Gen. Antonio Luna was Aguinaldo. . The mastermind in the execution & persecution of Dr. Jose Rizal. . was the FRIARS. . .Let it be known in history that the mastermind in Ninoy’s murder was Danding Cojuangco. . Let him & the Aquimo/Cojuanco family prove that wrong. . Let our history be truthful. . . WHAT KIND OF A FAMILY IS THIS. . THERE WAS A MURDER OF A PROMINENT MEMBER OF THE FAMILY. . TWO FAMILY MEMBERS HAVE BECOME PRESIDENT YET NO FURTHER INVESTIGATION WAS DONE TO SEEK WHO THE REAL MASTERMIND IS. . OTHER PEOPLE WERE INVESTIGATED LIKE GMA, CORONA, ENRILE, JINGGOY, BONG, PALPARAN. . ETC. . WITH PASSION & CONVICTION. . YET NOTHING WAS DONE FOR NINOY. . THE FATHER OF THE PRESENT PRESIDENT. DOES HE LOVE HIS FATHER

  40. Matagal na tayong pinagloloko nitong mga aquino-co-huang-co clan. Dapat nang magising ang mga taong bayan na itong clan na ito ang gumagawa ng kaaliwas wasan at pinaiikot ang taong bayan. Ginagawa nilang hero si ninoy. Na malayo sa katotohanan. Ang kailangan na itanong ay kung ano ang kabutihan na ginawa ng aquino co-huangco sa bayan

  41. Yes, there is something terribly embarrassing in the assassination of Ninoy Aquino and that is, if the truth were unearthed, it was not President Marcos who masterminded the killing of Aquino. Marcos, and you probably will agree, wasn’t that stupid. He knew full well that Aquino’s death especially in the manner it was carried out would be blamed on him. Maybe all these years people have been asking questions from the wrong people. Try asking the American Boy, U.S. West Pointer-trained cousin-turned-traitor of Marcos, General Fidel V. Ramos, Chief of the Phil. Constabulary at that time who has been VERY strangely quiet about the killing since it happened 31 years ago, what a PC Major (Romeo Gatan) was doing conspiring with Galman as alleged by Martinez. Ask Ramos what he knows, when he knew what, and what he did upon knowing what he knows. He likes to portray himself as a Christian so ask him to state what he knows with one hand on the Bible. God forbid that should he lie, the earth parts and swallows the General.

    • Ramos could have been out of the loop at that time as Marcos trusted Ver more. Recall that Ramos was a lot more qualified than Ver but it was the latter who was named the AFP chief. Still, by virtue of his being in the military on a high level, Ramos could have heard rumors about the assassination.

    • That Ramos was out of the loop because Marcos trusted him less than Ver is exactly the point. Who benefited from the downfall of Marcos? Ramos became President six years after EDSA 86, while Ver slipped into oblivion and died in exile. Therefore, Ramos had more motivation to see Marcos fall, and what better way to engineer this than to assassinate the number one opposition figure at that time and have it blamed on Marcos.

    • I agree on what you said. President Marcos didn’t trust Gen. Ramos even though he is his cousin. Eventually he turned against him. And what was Major General Romeo Gatan doing at the airport when Ninoy was killed? He was PC intelligence and guess who was the PC Chief then? Ramos has been quiet about it. Best not to unearth that will forever tarnish his name.