‘Powerpoint’ presentation mocked


After more than a year, Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th still resorts to “Powerpoint allegations” regarding alleged anomalies in the Makati City Hall Building 2 project under then-mayor and now Vice President Jejomar Binay, according to lawyer Rico Quicho.

Quicho, Binay’s spokesman on political affairs, on Wednesday pointed out that the senator has still no concrete proof of his allegations of corruption against the Vice President.

What Trillanes has are “Powerpoint allegations,” the spokesman said, referring to the senator’s presentation of graphs and charts that supposedly pertain to Binay’s anomalous transactions.

Wednesday’s Senate blue ribbon sub-committee hearing on the allegedly anomalous transactions by the Vice President when he was still mayor in Makati City was no different from previous ones, Quicho added.

It is obvious that when a witness is saying the truth, the sub-committee members would intimidate him, he said.

Quicho cited the case of Ryan Barcelo, former officer-in-charge and current assistant department head of the Makati Social Welfare Department, who said data that current Makati Action Center (MAC) head Arthur Cruto presented to the Senate were based on a “flawed and questionable auditing procedure.”

He bewailed that the likes of Cruto, who has been spreading lies about Binay, is being hailed in the hearing.

Cruto alleged that there were ghost beneficiaries of Makati’s senior citizen program.

“Trillanes once again accuses without basis, then dares the accused to prove innocence. But when he is confronted with documentary evidence of wrongdoing and misuse of public funds, he resorts to name-calling and issuing veiled threats,” the Binay spokesman said.

He was referring to reports that the senator used public funds to pay his household staff, and then hired his brother and other members of the Magdalo Party as “consultants.”

The Commission on Audit (COA) has asked the Senate to explain why it has gone overboard in its budget for consultants.

Quicho said the hearing is merely based on the allegations by Binay’s political opponents in Makati City such as former Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado, engineer Mario Hechanova and lawyer Renato Bondal.

The Binays have often tagged them as “sore losers” in Makati City’s political scene.

All contracts for construction of the Makati City Hall Building 2 underwent and passed several audits by COA, Quicho said.

Trillanes said he was cleared by COA regarding his consultants, which meant there was nothing irregular in his transactions with them.

Quicho asked, “Why, then, could he not apply the same principle on how he deals with the Vice President since COA already said there were no “adverse findings” in the Makati City Hall Building 2, the Makati Science High School, the senior citizens program and other contracts implemented by the then-mayor?”


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  1. Mr Quicho kong mali si Senedor Trillanes sa powerpoint niya kasohan ninyo siya. Takot kayo kasi pag lomaki ang apoy buking ang bata mong si Binay. Isa KAPA RINNA BOBONG MATSING.

  2. What a poorly written news report. All that was discussed was from the Binay Spokesman. Medyo tanga lang… what’s the point of this news?

    The mere fact the ombudsman was able to file cases because there was probable cause. (insert bayaraan ang ombudsman blah blah blah..)

    Journalism 101 po, no citation from findings of AMLC and discrepancies on COA audits? Ladies and Gents… this how not to be a reporter. I made a more compelling document trail without even using trillianes’ powerpoint.

  3. Brainless Trillianes has nothing else to prove except waste tax payers money and drag the whole senate for his own political mileage . KSP

    If he continues to do what he is currently doing , He will be sure of NO SEAT in the coming election!

  4. trillanes is a pure DIRTY , BITCHY POLITICIAN , HE SHOULD BE OUSTED from the SENATE . trillanes has no manner at all BUTI PA TAGA BUKID , may respeto sa KALABAW .. trillanes now is being hounded by the late gen REYES whom trillanes victimimzed , put him in a bad spot by his LITANY OF FABRICATED LIES sa tulong ng mga mamahaling bayaran na researchers / consultants nya na naglabas ng puro FABRICTED /KASINUNGALINGAN … MGA KABABAYAN , ZEROOOOOO VOTE FOR trillanes na TARABITAB , ULBOD , KATUG

    • Politics will be politics, and always will be. How about answering the findings of AMLC and the pending case filled by the Ombudsman. I’m not an anti-Binay.. I actually used to support Binay… but for all I care, i just want him to answer the allegations and stop acting like a baby.