PPA Timeline


PRIOR to the creation of the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA)port administration in the country was merged with the revenue collection of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) while the maintenance of the port and harbor was the responsibility of the Bureau of Public Works (BPW).

There were already 591 national and municipal ports plus 200 private ports scattered all over the country

The Philippine Ports Authority was created under Presidential Decree No. 505 which was subsequently amended by P. D. No. 857 in December 1975.

The charter was further amended by Executive Order No. 513 that granted the police authority to the PPA, the creation of a National Ports Advisory Council (NPAC) to strengthen the cooperation between the government and the private sector, and empowering of the Authority to exact reasonable administrative fines for specific violations of its rules and regulations. PPA was attached to what was then the Ministry of Public Works and Highways (MPWH) which also served as the executing agency for all port construction projects.

An agreement on the exchange of technical expertise on port development, management and operation with the Port of Saudi Arabia and the Port of Oakland was signed.

The PPA Port System was defined and about 114 ports were put under the system.

The PPA was removed from the jurisdiction of the MPWH (now Department of Public Works and Highways) and attached to what is now the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) for policy and program coordination. By virtue of Executive Order No. 159, the PPA is now vested with the function of undertaking all port construction projects under its port system, relieving DPWH of this responsibility. This executive order also granted PPA financial autonomy.

PPA signed a three-year sister port tie-up with the Port of France.

Terminals (ATI) signed a lease agreement with PPA which covers designated areas for use as international and domestic storage.

The first Halfway House (Bahay Silungan sa Daungan) was constructed at the North Harbor.

Routes along the SRNH were launched by President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo together with PPA management team with Boracay as converging point.

Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) facilities in MICT, North Harbor and Correigidor Island were completed.

PPA awarded to Manila North Harbor Incorporated (MNHPI) a 25-year contract for the exclusive development, management, operation and maintenance of North Harbor.

Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) facilities in MICT, North Harbor and Corregidor Island were completed. PPA and Incheon Port of Korea forged a sister port affiliation for promotiing trade and maritime transport in addition to exchange programs on on port technology and management.

PPA sets the groundwork for the implementation of major port projects to meet 2015 ASEAN integration.


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