The PPP, that ‘doll,’ and those ‘defenders’


Karen Kunawicz

The Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino which opened last week thankfully is catering to our need for fresh, more intelligent, creative and thought provoking material in cinemas. While the Metro Manila Film Festival pleased so many last year—those responsible for celebrating the independent spirit and artistry were removed from the board. This Christmas, we’ll be sadly back to pandering, formula films.

Twelve films were released, and these are the films and actor of note—they popped up on my radar halfway across the world:

1. “Patay na Si Hesus” has been mentioned by both my friend Katrina (who supports as many Filipino indies as she can) and director Quark Henares to describes it as “a hilarious madcap roadtrip romp that is completely its own genre.”

‘Anabelle Creation’ will bring back childhood fears

2. Katrina says “Birdshot” is the best of the already good lot. It is “a story about loss of innocence, corruption, and murky morality, with a foot in current events and another in magic realism, set against beautifully photographed cornfields.”

3. Chai Fonacier is the notable newcomer who has appeared in “Respeto” (which was mentioned last week), “Patay na si Hesus,” and “Pauwina.”

Despite all the grim news, and the return to the same tired old MMFF, indie cinema seems to be delivering that breath of fresh (though provoking) air.

APCC is coming up this weekend at MOA with comic book artists, celebrity guests (Ray Fisher aka Cyborg in the DCCU and Tyler Hoeclin, TV’s Superman), creators and other pop culture celebrities.

Netflix will have a presence at APCC to promote their huge hit “Stranger Things” with a second season coming October 27, also coming up is the next season of “The Crown” on December 8. A backdrop of Hell’s Kitchen NYC is being prepared for set up as well to let everyone know about “The Defenders,” which rolled out last Friday. “The Defenders” gathers together Matt Murdock (Daredevil), Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand (Iron Fist) to face a formidable foe played by none other than Sigourney Weaver.

(From left) Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock Daredevil, Mike Colter as Luke Cage and Finn Jones as Danny Rand Iron Fist

Last week I mentioned an event called Toku Spirits which had all these Japanese sentai talents in town, the same time as History Con. Apparently there’s been some controversy regarding talent fees, flights and bookings of the actors. Hikari Sentai Maskman’s Kazunori Inaba issued a statement about the mishap and added “it is my full responsibility to forewarn other Japanese talents, singers and animators to decline further OTAKUexpo, Otakuzine Anime (events).”

I reviewed “Annabelle: Creation” last month and it’s finally being released today—go watch if you’re into classic, scary movies (not much gore but it knows how to mess around with your childhood fears).

See you at APCC!


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