• PPP vows to award projects despite bid delays


    The government is still hopeful it could award at least 10 public-private partnership (PPP) projects before the Aquino administration turns over the helm of government to the newly elected president after the May elections.

    With three months left before the Aquino administration steps down, and with seven projects seeing delays in the bid submission, the PPP Center said it will be pushing to successfully award at least 10 projects in the pipeline.

    The government is pushing to award these projects by June 30, 2016, according the PPP Center.

    Recently, the Department of Justice (DOJ) moved the bid submission for its regional
    prisons project from March 22 to April 20.

    The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) has also moved the bid submission deadline for the five regional airport projects and the Davao seaport project from March 28 to a still unspecified date.

    “The DOJ and DOTC have worked hard to bring the procurement process very close to completion. The PPP Center is ready to help the DOJ and DOTC make the final push to complete the process by June 30,” PPP Center Executive Director Andre Palacios said on Tuesday.

    “Four factors together strongly justify completing the bidding for the DOJ and DOTC projects,” Palacios noted.

    “First, the projects were properly reviewed and approved in 2014. Second, they have been going through a fair, transparent and credible procurement process for over a year now.

    Third, the government has complied with all legal requirements, and has spent valuable resources to develop, approve and procure the projects.

    “Fourth, there is genuine competition among serious bidders, both local and foreign, which will produce the best deal for government,” Palacios added.

    PPP projects are not covered by the election ban, which runs from March 25 to May 8. The Commission on Elections en banc confirmed this in a January 19, 2016 resolution.


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