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    Erleen Pearl Rose Sibug, also known as “Bec,” is one of many Haribon Foundation members who have developed a connection between what they love and protecting the environment.

    Erleen generously shared why she became a member and how she wants to connect what she loves to do with the Haribon Foundation.

    I became a Haribon member because I love nature and I want to help in conserving and protecting it. I believe that through Haribon Foundation, I can do what I love and help in fulfilling the Foundation’s vision at the same time,” she said.

    Erleen is taking up BS in Biology and enjoys doing field research, making her a good candidate to volunteer for any research activities that may come up.

    My dream for the Philippine environment is for it to be protected,” says Erleen. And indeed it is a dream Haribon Foundation members all share.

    Join Erleen and hundreds like her by becoming a steward of nature yourself via Haribon Foundation membership. As a member you become part of a group of environmental advocates empowered by learning sessions, tree-plantings, marine-life ID trainings, and more. An annual donation gives members these benefits and funds Philippine conservation.

    Join us today! Call 911-6088, email at membership@haribon.org.ph, or visit haribon.org.ph


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